BF3 - Conquest in Beta, Battlelog Data Wiped Before Release, Alienware Deals

As mentioned on the official Battlefield 3 beta page, anyone who enters the beta will get to experience the 'Rush' game mode on the Métro multiplayer map.

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Criminal3207d ago

I wish I could get a better PC to run Battlefield 3. Well, I think I'm going to buy a console version, but which one is the real question.

Mister_V3207d ago

I may need to get in on some of these deals. Only got a BacBook at the moment.

TheBeast3207d ago

I think my six core PC will do just fine :D

Netic3207d ago

I don't think the number of cores matter that much... If you have a quad-core you re fine. I think you should say for example that your GTX 570 PC will do fine. But I don't know if you have a good card like that.

MGRogue20173207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I say go for the PS3 version. Screw paying for online multiplayer with the 360 version, That's BS.

For me, It's either the PC or PS3 version so I'm going to try out the open beta on each of 'em (including 360 version just out of curiosity & 'cause my last 1 year xbox live gold membership runs out in January.. so might as well put it to some good use lol) to see which one I like the most..

Chocoboh3207d ago

PS3 version also comes with BF1943

Criminal3207d ago


I own BF 1943 on my PS3 so that's not a factor.

Great game, though! I'm glad others will be getting it, which will help me find game more easily.

Hitman07693207d ago

Very cool that there are some alienware deals going on. I'm gonna be playing this on PS3 for sure and maybe on 360.

Criminal3207d ago

I got a stronger team on the 360, but PS3 version will be slightly better in terms of graphics. I think I'm going for the 360 version. You need a good team in Battlefield.

InNomeDiDio3207d ago

This Game is a reason to upgrade my people. PC Version will blow minds. Lead Platform and benchmark for the next Years like Crysis is/was. Count on that

electricshadow3207d ago

I was looking for a reason to upgrade my PC, but then I decided to just get an entirely new gaming computer. It's more than enough to play this on high, if not Ultra.

latinalover3207d ago

The news did a story on that. They said those sellsman sell gamers computers that can run medium settings

Netic3207d ago


The news has been updated to high settings not medium settings. So if you have a gtx560 which cost 150$ you should be able to crank the settings to High. Which is nice! ;D

electricshadow3206d ago

@ latinalover I build my own computers. I would NEVER purchase a pre-made computer. I can get exactly what I want.

superrey193206d ago

" I build my own
computers. I would NEVER
purchase a pre-made computer. I
can get exactly what I want."

*nods approvingly*
Good man.

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superrey193206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Alienware? no thanks X[

Liquid_Ocelot3206d ago

Alienware.. garbage. I rather build my own from the ground up, better and cheaper than that overpriced pos

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