Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer Review (ObnoxiousGamer)

ObnoxiousGamer: Upon first playing, you are greeted with something that has been requested from Gears of War players since its inception – dedicated servers. What dedicated servers mean to the Gears of War series is the end of host advantage, which was very obvious in Gears 1, fairly obvious in Gears 2 and now non-existent in Gears of War 3. The connections are crisp and responsive, and through roughly 100 matches played, only five or six have had any lag at all.

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StanLatMarveldotCom3205d ago

Spawns system is still horrible. The few seconds of invincibility actually makes it worst with enemy players spawning behind you only seconds after you've spawned in the same place. It's ridiculous.

ObnoxiousGamer3205d ago

I haven't had that happen once yet, But It's going to happen every once in a while. It's just the luck of the draw I guess.