DLC Done Right: Forza 4 Season Pass

Microsoft announced in a press release today the Forza Motorsport 4 Season Pass. The pass, priced at $30, isn’t the usual license to play the game online and push consumers to buy it new.

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bgrundman3208d ago

I disagree... That is all...

Ryo-Hazuki3208d ago

DLC done right is when you look at GT5. For owners of the game they know what I mean. GT5 had so many updates added along with new modes all for free.

kingdoms3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago ) one cares...don't buy it lol

Ryo-Hazuki3208d ago

Yeah season pass is a good thing, right? Just mindlessly spend money on things that should already be on the disc

ironwolf3208d ago

Doesn't matter if you have a good job. Less than a trip to a movie.

Death3208d ago


GT5 shipped before it should have. The updates were mote like patches to finish the game after it released. There was also a $30 demo for the game, so I wouldn't use GT5 as an example. I do agree with DLC not being on the disc as being a bad thing though.


3208d ago
FordGTGuy3208d ago

Well for those of us who will be buying the DLC anyway, yes it's a great deal for 30% off!

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geddesmond3208d ago

Wow GT5 can ship with 1000 differant cars and MS have to charge consumers for 70 cars that should come with the game on day 1. BS

The only reason MS havn't added online passes to their games is because of the Xbox live subscription fees. Having people pay to play online and then charging used game buyers extra would anger gamers everywhere, so instead they opt for holding back content that should be on the disk.

Man gaming companies are becoming greedy. I sure hope Resistance 3s ok sales was because people are taking a stand against these online passes and hopefully Sony decides to remove them fully because all these extra fees are BS