How to make money playing Video Games

Ever wondered how you could make a living from sitting at home all day playing your favorite video games? Well here's a few methods which could potentially earn you a lot of money!

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Crazyglues3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Yes it's an Awesome read and good info, but I always feel like these articles are never really 100% if they leave out the pitfulls..

for example how hard it is to grow to 10k subscribers and how much exactly you can expect to make, which is always much less on average then the superstars mainstream users..

Those people with like a 100k and + are not the norm they are more like the lucky few...

I'm just saying it's harder then they make it seem on paper... -but it was a good read with good info, but user beware results tend to vary.. and what you see someone else doing doesn't mean you will have the same success..

So don't get all excited thinking you can quit your day job.. -That's all I'm saying


emforce3209d ago

Yeah don't quit your day job! But personally I think the people with 100k+ subs are offering something different that all those other gaming channels just don't seem to provide. Like with Syndicate, he's quite funny and there is no awkward pauses in his video and he constantly keeps you entertained. It's finding something unique or a perfect combination of things that makes your channel popular thats hard, as well as obviously the hard work that goes into making videos!

I'm glad you enjoyed the article though! :D

TheFallenAngel3211d ago

I just got an invitation from google adsense but I don't know if I should make videos about games, cars or just comedy.

Blacktric3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Current fad is Call Of Duty commentaries unfortunately. If you're a decent Call Of Duty gamer and can make decent commentaries, you can make up to 500.000 dollars a year (doesn't include Google adsense money or favorites, just views and likes). People like Whiteboy7thst and Seananners on YouTube are literally swimming in money by making 3-4 commentaries a week and asking for likes, comments and favorites and making themselves look like they're in need of more by showing how their car got assaulted or how someone stole their credit card, etc. Keep in mind that these guys have more than 500.000 subscribers though.

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rajman3210d ago

Partners under Machinima get $2 for every 1,000 views their videos get...I know since I was approached by them and that was in the contract they showed me, but I refused since Im already partnered with another gaming network, my channel:

louistoth3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Sounds interesting! I would like play this type of games.

TopDudeMan3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

People wouldn't enjoy watching me play video games. I'm a boring gamer. I do all the side quests and unlock everything.

(also, it would seem as though you have to be good at call of duty, which I am not.) :(

Also, I'm not cut out for tournaments or using the virtual money economy. I guess I'll just make money by getting a kick ass job, then. I think maybe making money from gaming might ruin it for me, anyway because I'd feel like I had to do it.

hardcorehippiez3210d ago

exactly , gaming is a hobby, if it becomes a chore or worklike it will spoil the enjoyment for me. ive been there and done that with my music now i write for fun and my own creativeness and my music is better for it. only friends get copies but they can pass on if they want. i do not want to mix my pleasures with work, bad idea in my opinion.