"Modern Warfare 3" Will Mark the End of the Video Game Console Era

"Modern Warfare 3" will be one of the last hurrahs for the console-dominated gaming era as the world shifts toward new-school, alternative platforms.

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Nate-Dog4588d ago

I'm afraid I disagree, and I can't see myself being in a position in any of the next say at least 5 years where my mind will change. Social gaming is on the rise but it will not take over gaming consoles and the "core" gaming market will not crash anytime soon whatsoever because social gaming is gaining more attention than ever before. These studies and whatnot always seem to indicate that many of those people playing social games on the likes of Facebook and Google+ (well, soon enough at least) are ones that are also "hardcore" gamers too but I just don't believe it at all. It seems to me the mainstream media seem to love these sort of studies and whatnot because for some reason the gaming industry is always the one made to be a scapegoat for almost any reason possible and it seems to me that everyone keeps saying that social gaming will take over and conquer console gaming / core gaming because they simply just want it to happen and want to see the end of our type of gaming. They'll be sorry down the line if something like this ever does happen because they'll have to find something else to blame for things going wrong in society and whatnot. They're two vastly different animals at the end of the day yet social media seems to ignore that fact.

But a good article making some quite good points and facts and figures on the discussion though, compared to some of the usual drab that just simply says "console gaming going to hell - social games to take over the world" just because of Farmville and Angry Birds and with nothing to back it up. The gap isn't as wide as it first was perhaps but I still don't see anything changing anytime soon unless social gaming really becomes, well more than simple "social gaming".

TopDudeMan4588d ago

Yeah, I agree, the hardcore crowd will always be here, and as long as we are, developers will keep making games for us. That's why we need to support good, hardcore games.

N311V4588d ago

Yes, buy games new whenever you can, wait for them to be on sale if you need to. Bottom line, support the developers who make the games you love.

thereapersson4588d ago

And get a breath of fresh air from a world called "reality". Real videogames aren't going anywhere.

blackbeld4588d ago

"Modern Warfare 3" Will Mark the End of the Video Game Console Era?????

Bold statemend.

2y later MW5 will be the next.

Dee_914588d ago

I thought this was going to say "marks the end of the ModernWarFare" lol

Shepherd 2144588d ago

Truthfully, i know too many people who are consumed with games like Angry Birds, yet they couldnt guide their way out of a brown paper bag with a dual thumbstick gamepad.

Its depressing, but thankfully there are just as many people out there who grew up with Playstation and Xbox consoles like me who will not just simply toss them aside. Just like how the Atari 2600 and NES were childhood staples for alot of gamers of that generation, the N64, PS1, and Original Xbox were the staples of mine and i dont think ill ever quit buying the latest console out. I imagine many feel the same.

pixelsword4588d ago

The PC has been whipping on consoles and handhelds in terms of graphics for decades... and guess what's still here?

mclarenf1lm4588d ago

The casual crowd may be affected, but not people buying hardcore games like Gran Turismo 5 etc. Right, a hardcore gamer is going to stop buying games just so they can play Farmville and Angry Birds, because that's what gets FPS junkies off, some good ol' Bejeweled lmao bahaahaaaa

ProperFunked4587d ago

when i read "ModernWarFare" i thought "ModernWelFare"

guess my mind is poor..meh

HSx94587d ago

Since when did Activision "GIVE" hardcore fans anything they wanted? Last time I checked they only respond to money.

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narked4588d ago

The core gaming market as it stands may be hardcore, but what social games are doing, they are making these easy nifty small games accessible to people who otherwise wouldn't play. and the fact is that these people outnumber the hardcore gamers. so hardcore gaming may stay the same, but social gaming will rise drastically.

EVILDEAD3604588d ago

Not even remotely close to the truth..why waste energy even trying to explain this one..just laugh and maybe come back look at this next year and laugh even harder


Spinal4588d ago

Funny thing is. Which some dont realize is the growth of the casual market has alerted many non gamers to become gamers an even slowly turn them into hardcore gamers as they become more hungry for better gaming experiences.

ljh2174588d ago

Wait, CoD is considered as core?

Nate-Dog4588d ago

Well, I suppose compared to Angry Birds it is. :P

theEx1Le4588d ago

So because a game attracts lots of casuals its not core? I wonder if your opinion would be the same if it was any other game.

ljh2174588d ago

It was just a light-hearted joke.

Dee_914588d ago

"Light Hearted joke"

n4g:DOES.... NOT .... COMPUTE

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FACTUAL evidence4588d ago

Rage, Dark souls, last guardian, uncharted 3, skyrim,twisted metal, FFvs13...hmmm I wouldn't say the last...not even the beginning.

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fluffydelusions4588d ago

minyanville?....never heard of it.

morganfell4588d ago

I would love to see the personal investment portfolios for some of the clowns that make these predictions.

eddvdm4588d ago

the good part is, we don't have to care about minyanville anymore. NEXT.