This is what Obsidian's Aliens RPG might have looked like...

IncGamers: Original concept art provides a glimpse into the scrapped project.

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MrDead3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

That's a shame. An Aliens RPG sounds awesome, especially if it was made by Obsidian.

iamironman3212d ago

an aliens rpg does sound good.

if they made it with a new set of characters (not the ones in the film) and referenced events in the films but did something new that would be awesome

Jdoki3212d ago

Such a shame this was canned. As soon as it was announced it jumped to the top of my most wanted list

Quagmire3212d ago

Obsidian are awesome, unique underrated developers.

Too bad the RPG got canned, I would've personally preferred buying it over Colonial Marines, just for taking the license and doing something different with it.

Oh well, Gearbox is making Aliens CM, so that will be enough of an Aliens fix, coupled with Ridley Scott's Alien-prequel film Prometheus.

morganfell3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Two words - Alpha Protocol.

An alien RPG might be good but not by Obsidian. They remind me of Treyarch. The best thing they ever did was a sequel with an IP that someone else created - KOTOR. Look at their titles. They are a compendium of Part 2 and sequel to this or that.

And is their anyone that doesn't know the technical status of New Vegas when it was released?

dinkeldinkse3212d ago

The game had some problems, but still a good rpg.

I wouldn't say anything about New Vegas technical status when Fallout 3 was just as bad or probably worse. Bethesda is suppose to be a better developer than Obsidian and they released a technical mess.

MasterD9193212d ago

They could have just made it their own IP...I don't see the need for an ALIENS movie-based RPG...Have some creativity please!

iamironman3212d ago

it's better then another lord of the rings rip off

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