Final Fantasy X for PS3 and PSVita is a Remake

That's right, caught us by surprise announcement at the Tokyo Game Show to see again in our Final Fantasy X and PSVita PS3, and just gave information about leaving many doubts. It was rumored that it would be an HD remaster as we have already seen in our PS3. Nothing is further from reality, to our knowledge from PSTime will be a remake using the engine of Final Fantasy XIII.

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MoDyDo3204d ago

I really hope it's true. Also, on the conference I heard him say HD remake, but it's still confusing, let's just hope for the best.

Anarki3204d ago

I think FF7 was the most demanded game to be remade. I could live with a hd port but why they didn't just go with FF7 is beyond me. Still, a win win for me, loved this game.

Tanir3204d ago

anarki its pretty simple.

ffx was the first linear game of the series, remember it was sorta mission based? you flew from the ship and it teleported you where you wanted to go, the camera angles were already there and it was actually a 3d world. the character models were already great and dont need much more work.

now on the ff7 side, the game would be a drastic overhaul. remember most of the cities in ff7 were pre rendered, there was no camera control so square didn't need to show off the rest of the city, only what they wanted you to see and they just drew it.

also it actually had a world map, but cloud was giant and the city was tiny on the map, so they would have to pull an ffV13 and make a huge HD world map. each city, especially midgar would have to be done in full 3d and would take an enourmous amount of time, remember, ff7 cities weren't your generic western houses and buildings.

the battle system would need to be redone, redo all the cgi, ffx's cg was already good, they just have to clear it up, but square wwould need to pull an advent children for ff7. again more time.

TONS of voice acting would be needed....they dont need voice acting for ffx cuz thats done.

so many factors that lead to why ff7 isn't bein remade.

now do they have to remake it in ff13 graphics? no, i would be happy with a kingdom hearts 2 graphic style remake, but again, i think we have to wait for versus to be done to even consider something of that magnitude

dark-hollow3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )


whatever the efforts are for remaking FFVII, am sure it is easier than making ffxiii-2 or fxiiivs.

all the characters are there.
the story, the gameplay mechanics all are there.
so all the work (or most of it) will be on the technical side.

i know they have to recreate all the memorable scenes in a proper way, but am sure it is not that hard compared to making a new ff title.

it may take time and effort like you said, but it will pay off at the end as it will sell millions!

Tanir3204d ago

@ Dark hollow

um, you realize that using existing characters in an existing world with an existing engine on the gen it was born on is far far easier right?

yes from a story perspective ff7 is easier, thats as simple as writing a book.

the technical side is why it would take so long, EVERYTHING has to be redone.

you have to start with using the 2d artist to do multiple renditions of what the new version and full scale of somethin will be, then that moves to color, then redoing every single npc, again more drawings needed, then 3d, upscaling, voice work, new character designs for existing characters and doing the HD models, not to mention the buildings, grass, monsters, all of the music must be redone in an HD sound format, not just simple sound that they used back then etc etc. So so so Soooo much work has to be done

would take probably 2-3 years on the technical side if square went all out on an HD remake. remember there is redoign all of the sound effects, hiring motion capture actors, getting all the voice actors again, getting back the retired composer and general planning of how to improve the game and make it a current gen game.

you dont understand how much the project would take lol. but i agree, it would sell so freakin much square would be thankful they did it.

i just wanted to explain why they chose ffx over ff7

Apollyn3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

@everyone about 7 remakes ill leave this snippet here of a convo i had with a friend who is ex Square staff. After asking him why no 7 and some details on 10 rm about 3 weeks old this convo.

I dunno about that, Its due to theres still a hype for it, and they know if they bugger it up, they will lose fans out of shitter. So they are making remakes of others to keep us going, and leading to newer ones to hold us over. Tho tbh, i hate VII and most people at SE do as well lol. 10RM is pretty much as it stands, Just a pure remake, It be using a modified engine based on ff13. Theres a few added things, but il find out what i can say before going on about it. They where going to redo the story, and make it more, Realistic? of sorts. Most things will be back in the game, but i know they want added bonuses.... chocobo races

Then i asked why the hate for 7 and the response :

7 was a rushed job, they wanted to originaly make ff6 remake for the PSfamicom but that got scraped, then tried to port to n64.... then lost the business deal with nintendo and then stuck with PSX. But time was short, and nothing got done so they did a rush job with ff7. It wasn't even supposed to be "Good" or a "masterpiece" of sorts. I like 5/6/10 OH and 8 and its draws get annoying....... ..but i would still do her tho =p And Blitz ball from what i know is changed slightly from the tactical simulator that is was. But il find out what i can say before hand, dont fancy a law suit

Reibooi3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

To be honest even the story work for FFVII would not just be straight ready to go. I don't know if anyone has actually gone back and played VII recently but it had a horrible script filled with tons and tons of engrish and bad translations.

That entire script would need to be redone similar to what they did with War Of the Lions on PSP as it had similar issues.

All that said I really do find this hard to believe. For many reasons. Firstly this site states no source or fact or info on how they came to this conclusion and if this was indeed the case I'm sure SE would really let everyone know it. But the way they announced it and talked about it(albeit briefly) seemed to me and most of the gaming press that it was a HD remaster.

I will however 100% with Tanir that if it is indeed a full HD remake it makes sense for them to choose X out of the gate. It will be the easiest to do as it was by far the most linear game in the series until XIII and would require far less work to finish then anything before it.

If it is indeed a remake and not remaster it could simply be SE's way of seeing if it's worth pursuing FF remakes 7 and beyond. If X sells a ton they may be able to justify putting the large amount of work needed to do VII in if not then at least X didn't use a massive amount of time and money.

All this said until SE straight comes out and explains themselves exactly what this FFX is I will be expecting a HD remaster and not a full on remake.

laaakokaracha3204d ago


Lots of people already gave you an explanation why they didnt chose FFVII for remake...

Let me give you the one big reason why they dont remake FFVII:

THEY ARE SCARED OF IT....yeah thats right! They are simply not capable of remaking it. so many expactations need to be met...If they fail than it could mean the end of the FF series

princejb1343204d ago

i agree with tanir
its just way to much work for them to do
as much as i want ff7 remake, they pretty much have to start from the ground up to change everything around to make it look like a next gen final fantasy

DaTruth3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I see what Dark Hollow is saying, every new game starts from scratch, whereas a remake at least has something to start with(a story, characters and dialogue)

But the real question there is, "is this even possible". If making towns was "just too hard" in FF13, what the hell would it be like making Midgar? How many disks is a 3D version of FF7 game world gonna need? Is an openworld in FF13 level graphics even possible with this engine? And why do I keep putting exclamation marks at the end of questions and then have to go back and change it, EVERYTIME?

Tanir is right, the only way we could see that is on whatever engine is running FFvs13!

lumley6663204d ago

Tanir? when u say ff10 was mission based an u teleport from ship? i think ur getting ff10 confused with ff10-2

Sevir043204d ago

They've done plenty work with the final fantasy world. In the past, for one they have all the assets, all the characters have been rendered in full 3d in Advent Children as well as the environments
It's also worth pointing out that the team that worked on Advent Children is slaving away with Tetsuya Nomura on Versus 13 which uses full 3d characters NPCs world maps and all...

The arguement of them picking a game from the ps2 game to remake... There is a ps2 final fantasy 7 game again with the world and some of the characters with full 3d assets. The fact is Square just didn't want to do a ff7 remake! The game can be done. They just refuse to do it... Voice acting wouldn't be an issue, they have all the voice actors ready... They did work on all the final fantasy 7 games and movie released after 7 was released its just plain laziness!

geddesmond3204d ago

Why bother remaking a game like FF7 when FF Verses 13 is supposed to have everything apart from Materia that made FF7 so great.

FFXI1013204d ago

They(SE) have already fail us, many times.

I'm sure there are fans are happy if this's true, but personaly I don't really care. Like other FFVII fans I'd love a remake in HD or a new FFVII game.

There is no excuse for them NOT to make it. See how many remake, port, made for handheld, cellphone, PSN/XBL, consoles. They have the resource and there're demands.

The longer they wait more FFVII fans they are going to lose and honestly I start losing the confidence in most Japanese RPG games/developers.

SnotyTheRocket3204d ago

FFVII is wayyyyyy better! WHY SQEENIX!

EVILDEAD3603204d ago

FFX..hands down the greatest into in FF history..when that game came out for the PS2 the CG was freaking unreal...

Remaking sounds like a stretch, but if true..I'm in!

FF7 can't be remade..that time has come and gone..we all know what happened that made that game as special as of was to all of us back then. We all know the leap of an dog with a hundred artists was for the entire world back when it was released.

And finally we all know it put Square on the map for he entire planet. Too bad the first movie movie dropped them back to earth..

Hope the news isn't a rumor


3204d ago
slayorofgods3204d ago

Any ps2 game is still too new to be remade.

This isn't intended to knock FF X since I will be buying it any which way.

BinaryMind3204d ago

@Apollyn - So everyone at Square hates FFVII, yet they decided to make four spin-off games on the series? The game that made Square an unstoppable powerhouse? The game where basically every FF title has been shamelessly ripping off with emo protagonists and futuristic settings? Get out of here.

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Shojin13204d ago

Free camera would be great. If they "are" using the engine of 13 then it will be sweet.

vsr3204d ago

I think They use FFvs13 engine for the remakesof FF7 & FF8 .

princejb1343204d ago

omg i just busted another nut if this is true
ffx with ff13 graphics is just epic really epic
I'm definitely getting this day 1

Peaceful_Jelly3204d ago

read the article. Is JUST the character models that would be rendered on the FFXIII engine not the entire game.

Bleucrunch3204d ago

Am I the only that sees what is going on here??? Squeenix has been sub par this gen to say the least....and all they are doing is gurgitating past games....when they do release something...its just ok....I guess they are running out of ideas....why not make new RPG's that are better than the ones you've made in the past Squeenix...its a testament to their creativity when they do things like this...

jc485733204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I think it's because even they need to rethink the future of the franchise, so they are using this method to revisit some of the older games and learn about them once more. like what made the game so great to begin with? What worked and didn't work? We keep yelling at them to return to the roots of Final Fantasy, but that's easier said than done. You may think that they are simply using this time to cash in on remakes, but if you've played most of their iterations, you should know that a lot has been done to the game: a major upgrade. They are constantly hiring new people who are also new to the franchise. It's really not that easy. You can say that Square has lost their way, so they are trying get back on the right track. I am actually still waiting for a remake on FFV and FFVI.

jc485733204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I hope they fix some of the sidequests as some were really testing your patience.

Edit: Reading the article, it seems like Square wants to remaster the cutscenes and then utilizing the FFXIII engine to recreate/remake the game to reach the level of the cgi.

colonel1793204d ago

I have a feeling this game will come out before Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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Mucudadada3204d ago

I like making ridiculous claims based on evidence too!

Look people, there is no facts or sources in this article whatsoever.

FFX HD will be a remastering just like all the other other ones you see nowadays. If we are lucky it will have some texture remapping and AA - and it won't just be up-scaled to HD.

But recreating the entire game in a new engine? That doesn't really make fiscal sense - especially when they could have done that for the more popular FFVII

JuanraUP3204d ago

Only characters, Aeons and NPC will be remaked.

The rest is a remaster.

Xalaris3204d ago

I just hope that Tidus's face doesn't get remade based off the CGI cutscenes. I honestly liked the real-time model more than the CGI one.

TopDudeMan3204d ago

Really? Then I think it'd be worth a play again if it's a proper remake. The last time I played it was in 2010.

Blaze9293204d ago

thatll be pretty awesome

Ocelot5253204d ago

not if they dumb down the gameplay to FF13 standards

VampiricDragon3204d ago

It aint a remake. At best its an enhanced port. At worst, its just an hd remaster