Wii attracts gamers outside the realm the Xbox and PlayStation

"A lot of people don't like the Nintendo Wii."

"No, seriously, they hate it."

Victor Godinez of the Dallas News writes that the "grandma" thing (Wii) is what's causing the problems for hardcore gamers, who talk about how Wii is a fad destined to fade in a year or so as casual gamers get bored and move on to something else. However, Godinez doesn't think that's going to happen. But he does think the game market is splitting - into the casual vs. hardcore crowds.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4016d ago

It attracts new people in gaming. They get bored of Wii and leave it collect dust after they buy PS3 or X360

ktchong4016d ago

Grandmas, grandpas, soccer moms and SUV housewives buy Wii. Wii appeal to those demographics.

HOWEVER, they will NEVER touch a PS3 or Xbox 360. Would you buy a PS3 or Xbox 360 for your 80-year-old grandpa for Christmas? NO. (Unless you're a fanboy in denial.) But I'm sure a lot, a lot of people are getting Wii as gifts for their grandpas and grandmas. I know I am.

PlayStation and Xbox have never appeal to those demographics in the past, and they won't be able to change that in the near future or in this generation. They are designed for hardcore gamers.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4016d ago

What about ALL the middle aged people?

Whlie Microsoft Cateers for Hardcore-gamers only Sony cateers for a wide variety.

ktchong4016d ago

is catering to the "wide variety".

PS3 is a for the truly hardcore loyal fans of either Blu-ray, the PlayStation brand, or Sony.

Grandmas, grandpas, soccer moms, SUV housewives, little grade-school boys and girls do NOT want PS3. They want Wii. (PS3 is not even on their "top 10" most wanted list. Xbox 360 is on the boy's list, and Wii is on both boys' and girls' lists.)

Study: Kids Want Wii More Than Xbox 360 or PS3:

CRIMS0N_W0LF4016d ago

Why am I trying to reason with a fanboy?

You know the world is not america only. In europe most people don't know whats a X360.

Also, Sony always cateered for a wide variety of games to appeal everyone unlike Microsoft.

ktchong4016d ago

And why do you assume I'm in the US?

In case you haven't figured it out, Koreans and Chinese prefer Xbox 360 over PS3 as well. They may do so because of cultural and historical reasons, but the point is they buy more 360 over a Japanese products (which they tend to avoid if possible.)

And the China's market will surpass Europe and Japan combined in the next decade - it's just a matter of time. And let's not forget about the Indian market, which also seems to favor Microsoft over Sony.

China and India. They are the future. Not Sony.

The Brave 14016d ago

This guy makes a good argument.However with respect to Wii,I think it will fade,slowly anyway.

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UltramanJ4016d ago

that don't buy many games, and are only looking for something close to Wii sports to play, hence the strong sales of Wii Play. The majority of them only bought the thing because of Wii Sports, not Metroid and Zelda.

ktchong4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

As a gamer, I'm extremely interested in playing Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, and Super Mario Galaxy. These are three titles - true "AAA" exclusives - that score over 90% at Metacritic.

May I remind you that PS3 has yet to get an "AAA" exclusive, according to Metacritic scores. Even the best rated PS3 exclusive, Ratchet & Clank Future, falls below 90%.

UltramanJ4015d ago

I bought a Wii at launch so I could have the Nintendo exclusives as well, but this thing's no different than the GC was. Another Nintendo platform that's only worth buying for the first party software, but your comment had nothing to do with the point of this story.
Don't understand why you felt the need to bring Sony into the picture, by trying to compare "AAA" games. You can throw a "AAA" nametag on whatever you wish, but as a gamer who's been around the block far longer than you, I found Zelda TP to be a weak game that required zero skill to play, and followed the same old tired formula. Not everything Nintendo makes is solid gold, and I'd say PS3 has more going for it, and will end up with more great games in the long run than Wii, which is a haven for shareware ports, and quick cash-ins.

fury4016d ago

Anyways, I see the same happening to the PS3 when a Slim version will be released and the price further dropped. Look at what happened after Sony released the slim PS2. It sold like hotcakes and it still does.

Darkiewonder4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

They cater to a specific audience. But they get everyone to come over. In the end, Nintendo gets richer and sip on expensive bottles of wine.

zerolinkgannon4016d ago

Wii appeals to everyone? I mean geeze, why would you hate a console? Has a console ever killed a loved one of yours? This is getting out of hand. I dont have a ps3 yet I dont hate it. -sighs- what happen to the good old times huh? Fanboys are gonna run gaming into the ground.

Jinxstar4016d ago

Nice view. Seriously though. I agree 100% but thats the way the industry is. I own all the consoles and play em all. Gamers rule the industry. These forums are sooo important to feedback and views of the industry its insane how much influence we have when everyone hates "Gamespot" for a week. They release apologies and explanations and everything under the sun. Its a war to many people who don't wanna just enjoy games for what they are. "GAMES".

Gamers ruin and create this industry and the interaction and feedback given by so many is huge. Look at the freeze ups with AC. Gamers are pissed and Ubi is sh!tting themselves from what is said on these, and other, forums.

however I think nintendo is kinda digging a slow grave. The only think casual gamers play is Wii sports and I think this will fade unless Nintendo release something new...

Anyway good point + bubble for you. I need to go pick up drakes now. Peace.

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