Naughty Dog: Uncharted Could've Been BioShock or Resistance

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a third-person action-adventure about a modern-day treasure hunter.

But according to Uncharted's Game Director Amy Hennig, it could've been BioShock or Resistance: Fall of Man.

MTV Multiplayer caught up with Hennig on the phone earlier this week to talk about Naughty Dog's first release for the PlayStation 3 (in stores next week), and they discussed how Naughty Dog came up with the premise for Uncharted. When the Sony-owned, Santa Monica-based developer of the Jak and Daxter series was tossing around ideas for their first next-gen game, a slew of concepts came up - including ones that may have been similar to BioShock and Resistance: Fall of Man. So what happened?

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Evil0Angel3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

keep dreaming
[email protected] :i played the demo:it just another hyped up game for PS3(it got smart A.I+amazing environment but apart from that nothing new or we have not just another Lara Croft crap...However duo to the lack of real AAA games in PS3 , every sh1t relased get hyped like it is the second coming of christ.(R&C,LAIR,RESISTANC E,HS)

Bioshock : the non scrpted A.I made the game amazzzzzzzzzzing with all the othet GOTY+the first true NEXT-GEN game in my book

Slayer OP3989d ago

With what i saw from this game it puts itself above bioshock.

Baba19063989d ago

R&C is amazing so no hype needed there, and so is uncharted. but you know better couse you are the king of the gaming world. cheers.

HeartlesskizZ3989d ago

so you hate on the game for being like Lara but I bet you never hated Gears of War for being a "kill switch" wanttobe

The Dark Knight3989d ago

i know no one can be like bioshock

Bonsai12143989d ago

bioshock follows the same vein as Deus Ex

Skerj3989d ago

System Shock II > Bioshock play it and tell me I'm wrong.

mesh13989d ago

HAHAHAHA plz dont put a no brainer game like uncharted inthe catogary of bioshock uncharted is not sclose to even half life episode 1 which was the worst half life episode

ParaDise_LosT3989d ago

Bioshock is System Shocks spiritual succesor....
and No, This year...and maybe this Gen for that matter..
Bioshock has no equal....well....Maybe HalfLife2...
(but thats a great compliment)

Skerj3989d ago

Dude mesh1, Bioshock is the epitome of no brainer. At least in Uncharted if you die the enemies don't stay damaged with NO DEATH PENALTY whatsoever. That seriously damaged Bioshock for me since all of that "innovative" thinking that was touted so is thrown out the window when you realize you can die how many times you want and everything remains the same.

Not to forget the AI was basic, it was either 1) rush at you/shoot if it was a leadhead or thuggish splicer and 2) climb on the ceiling and throw crap at you and sometimes drop down to attack if it was a spider slicer. The Houdini Splicers were the only ones that showed any kind of intelligence and that's because they could teleport. I did get a kick out of the ones who sang "jesus loves me yes I know, cause the bible told me so" though, that was hilarious.

Big daddies? Please, they had the complexity of Bowser from the first Super Mario Bros. Bioshock was entertaining but it wasn't everything everyone made it out to be, System Shock II and Deus Ex beat it to the punch. If you've got a PC and haven't checked it out yet play STALKER, that'll show you some things.

Now that that's over with I'm glad ND went the way they did with Uncharted, considering the only comparison people can come up with is Tomb Raider and those who've played both will tell you they're nothing alike. They set out to create a good game in an unsaturated genre and they succeeded, now if only Sony would get off their asses and start putting the word out on it. Don't pull another Folklore!!

mesh13989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

AHAH WERE DO these site get ppl liek this sker ?????? so laying a long trap for the big daddies was a gun and shoot ? trip wire/land mines/hacking turrets / using ur abi;ltys to interact with the world to kil the enemys have atleats 15 defferent ways of kill the enemeys the magnificent way the story is told ? plz u guys dont know anything about games

Skerj3989d ago

I came from the land of awesome, where we have the Japanese Xmen vs. Streetfighter on the Saturn with the 4meg ram cart and can beat Contra without using the code.

Anyway yeah you can do all of that in Bioshock, I did for a good chunk of the game until I realized it was all the same in the end. You can lay down all those traps for the Big Daddies but you'll still get the same reward as the guy who went at it repeatedly with the same wrench/electro combo from the beginning of the game. Like I said, no death penalty made a lot of that stuff pretty pointless to me.

The games I mentioned earlier had the same type of emergent gameplay but if you messed up and died, you had to do it again and remember where you went wrong so you don't die again. Example: in Deus Ex there's a section where you're at the top of a building when something goes wrong and you have to fight a slew of enemies in the inside as you make your way down to the street to safety.

You could just go down there guns blazing but you'd likely get mowed down and have to do it over again if you didn't raise your skills and augmentations appropriately. If you're low on ammo you could have used the toxic crates to make mini barricades throughout the building to funnel the enemies into them as you made your way down so 1 well placed bullet would dispatch 5 or so guys. Personally I avoided the whole thing by having my legs augmentated and just jumping off the top of the building running down the street not firing a single shot.

Now all of this could very well have happened in the Bioshock world, the difference is the risk/reward ratio. In Bioshock the ratio is the same for pretty much everything, so no matter what risk you decide to take or don't take you're getting the same reward. Plus not being able to die takes some of that risk factor out as well. I stick by my previous statement, Bioshock was a very good game but it wasn't what everyone made it out to be. The elements they found strongest were done before BY Irrational and better. And trust me when you've had to do a term paper on game theory (and play games to disect them for said paper) and then do this for a living, you tend to think about these things a lot.

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kiikoooo3989d ago

im really glad for the way it turned out. enough fps plzzz

fury3989d ago

Too much fps game lately...but I believe once the PS3 really owns the competition the fps madness will stop.
Apropos madness...

solidt123988d ago

I agree also. I have been playing COD4, Ratchet&Clank, and just got Uncharted today and it is great. Call of Duty 4 is awesome and one of the best FPS I have ever seen but after Playing it for a while I was thinking to my self(we really don't need anymore FPS games until Killzone 2). I played Uncharted for one hour today, after beating Ratchet and Clank and it is a breath of fresh air.

bluecapone3989d ago

lets all be happy that naughty dog let Uncharted have its own Identity

Slayer OP3989d ago

Damn right. Positive feedback for you

hanson5203989d ago

Uncharted more batter bioshock !!!

Naughty Dog is right

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