1UP's Ninja Gaiden 2 hands-on, along with videos, screens and interview

Over the course of a four-level tour of Ninja Gaiden 2, 1UP discovered that one thing hasn't changed: the brutal, no-nonsense, bone-crushing combat of the original Xbox games is back. There are few areas where Ryu is safe from the swarms of enemies, each with the singular goal of sending Itagaki's favorite ninja home in a body bag. As 1UP quickly learned, a bodybag is what most players will find themselves stuffed inside unless they're Jack-be-nimble on the battlefield, since even dismembered enemy ninjas can still land lethal blows on Ryu, primarily by suicide bombing him to bits.

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thereapersson3992d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma was great for my PS3, and now my 360 will be getting the next-gen Ninja Gaiden treatment.

Mainman3992d ago

NG2 looks awesome.

When dodging an attack, you rolled out of the way in NG1. It seems this has been dropped though, now he jumps out of the way. The rolling was one of my favourite things in NG1. But still, this game is amazing.

Gamingisfornerds3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

The roll is much tighter and the dash just looks plain silly. I know, it seems like a minor detail, but this is bugging the hell out of me!

Why did they even do this, I don't get it?!

Graphics are disappointing, but the combat, sans that dash move, is definitely awesome!

Rama262853992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

Those video's make this game look much more arcade-like compared to Sigma (that's not a bad thing - just saying it seems to have a faster pace). The camera angles also need some tweaking. I love the gore though... some of those moves look very satisfying :) Overall, really looking forward to this game!

Darkiewonder3992d ago

Just wait for Jack to come along saying you can't be a ninja ^^

Double-Edged3992d ago

I love it already.

the super ninja.


aco3992d ago

WOW that looked amazing... Is Ninja Gaiden 2 Xbox360 EX?

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The story is too old to be commented.