When Game Review Scores Matter

Anyone who's been watching the industry dialogue over the last few years knows that every few months, we receive a new statistical analysis or talking head quote exclaiming, "review scores don't matter to sales" or "the vast majority of new IP doesn't make money and can be considered failures, even if such products reviewed well." This leads to a lot of clamor in the form of forum arguments and insecure journalists complaining about the sophistication of the gaming audience. It even occasionally results in a counter-analysis that uses the same basic mindset to explain why game review scores do matter.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3992d ago

*Points at Wii Sports*

and no in Japan is it sold speratly

Douchebaggery3992d ago

Marketing and word of mouth matters more than reviews when it comes to sales.

BrianC62343992d ago

Boy was that boring to read. Not interesting at all.

Garrison3992d ago

Marketing, word of mouth and sadly enough so does Image. I had some of my co-workers talking about Assassins Creed the other day and they dont know a thing about videogames. Most people don't care about what a hardcore gamer plays or raves about, they just talk about sports games and stuff or games they see on comercials. In the case of "Image" im talking about games like ratchet and clank, meanwhile it's an amazing game, my friends ask me: "Is it good? I answer: One of the best on Ps3. And most likely they will answer back: But it's too kiddy looking. Or just totally discard the game as completely unable to be good because of it's looks. This applies to every genre some of them doesn't like/ doesn't know about. A casual/sport gamer might never pick up something like blue dragon or kingdom Hearts.

tk3992d ago

Previously reviews mattered. When it was gamers reviewing games to give other gamers a heads up on what is to like or not in a game. Then it became business. And then competitive business where only money mattered. And then it became a bunch of fan boys bashing anything not on their platform of choice. Now it is in shambles.

It should rather read: When game reviews mattered. Now we see past the fat little retards who feed on FPS and crap on everything else. Get a weight watchers membership so these little turds can get a trim - a bit of sunshine would help too.

Word of mouth will matter more in future.

fury3992d ago

...because they represent the opinion of one person and I won't ever let one person decide on whether I like a game and buy it or not. period

Slayer OP3992d ago

I dont let scores influence that games i buy. Especially with the bias these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.