Max Payne 3: It's going to be dark - Don't worry anymore

Rockstar Games is promising that Max Payne 3 will be full of the things we know and love from the first two. And of course it's going to be dark...

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WhiteLightning3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

If it was Rockstar you would of made sure to adress this problem in the first ever trailer of Max Payne 3.........but you guys didn't even though you knew all of us Max Payne fans were worried from the start

Now if I knew someone was worried about my product I would of made sure to adress the problems when giving them the first look at it. It only makes sense

So I really can't take Rockstar seriously here...sorry

I think they've got to a big headed stage now where they're like "Oh screw them, they'll buy it anyway....we ARE Rockstar after all"

It will be a good game but it won't be Max Pyane 3. It will be too heavily focused on action. Kind of like how when we wanted horror in RE5....which Capcom promised, "Fear you can't forget" and it was non exsistent in the game, even though they reassured us.

"Even though we do not want to go into the details, we can say that Max has spent several years trying to drink and forget what he has experienced. He has decided for themselves that these events make it impossible for him to continue working for the New York police. " Und so gelangt er nach Brasilien. And so he arrived in Brazil"

Sorry but the Max Payne I know...dosen't run away with anything. He would of quit the New York police after the first game if that was the case. Admit it you guys have set it in the wrong place for a MP game and theres no going back

EditorAtGNG3657d ago

Max Payne has a beerbelly... and there will be a multyplayer mode... in hot and sunny Brazil. Sorry but noir in Brazil is something I just can't picture...

Yep. The franchise has been killed. Great job Rockstar.

SageHonor3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Okay look... I played the first 2 Max Payne games. SO i understand exactly what makes Max Payne... you know.. Max Payne...

The only thing we saw so far is a trailer that lasted only about a minute and 30 seconds.. Thats not much to go on..

Just because the game takes place in "sunny brazil" doesnt mean the games story line wont be dark or gritty.

So people need to chill out. The game doesnt come out until March of 2012..

MrSpace3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

"The only thing we saw so far is a trailer that lasted only about a minute and 30 seconds.. Thats not much to go on.."

It was enough to see what direction there taken it in though

As WL has said if the game was dark and Rockstar respected the old MP games then they would of shown this in the first official trailer. Short or not they still could of shown us that this will be like old MP games but they didn't, they only showed bright sunny day time levels, MP as the new Bruce Willis and lots and lots and lots of action.

Basicaly what I got out of that trailer wasn't MP3, it was Die Hard 5 and if Rockstar were telling the truth then they would of shown this in the first trailer to show this...but they didn't.

Come on as the guy has said above if you knew people were worried about your game, you would of made the trailer in a way that would of addressed those problems. The only thing in the trailer that was MP was when he actually looked like himself, the night time levels and the MP2 theme song (which felt out of place and just put in there for the sake of it)......but even Rockstar couldn't be arsed to included a new theme song for the game, that's if they even have one

lociefer3657d ago

i still think they should just halt it and give it back to remedy when they r ready, the only things that were max payne in the trailer were the theme, and the voice actor nothing more nothing less

lociefer3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

double post *

MaxOpower3657d ago

I hate this debate. it's seams so over run with people who have no idea what they are complaining about. The fact that Max is bold , the colors , all stupid things.

"Noire" dose not mean "lack of light and color" or "East cost city". it's about the themes of the story. It's the story that have to be "noir", not the setting or frame work.

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