Modern Warfare 3 benefits from Black Ops feedback

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has benefited from fan feedback on Call of Duty: Black Ops and the good things Treyarch has done with its hit game.

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The Meerkat3204d ago

So Black Ops WAS the MW3 beta.

$100 says MW3 will still be full of cheaters within 10 days.

Dart893204d ago

10 days hell even black ops was hacked within 6 hours of release i'm going within 2 hours of release:D.

GrieverSoul3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

lol! What?!

During the first week you cant play a CoD game. You all know that. Also, within the first week 3 patches will be released. One fixes something but leaves behind the other. The second one fixes a few things but wasnt on time to fix others. The third one will fix all the problems above but will break something that never was broken to begin with (like trophies, yes im looking at you MW2).

2nd Week, code is all over the net and hacks will pour in.

3rd Week, the Nuke is back! -_-

4th week, IW listens to the cry babies about Quickscoping being so hard to do that they release a patch where you just press X to randomly kill someone from anywhere in the map with the less amount of skill possible. Montages insue and 12 year olds will start flipping 360º while looking up and down and pressing X to try and make that one shot that will catapult them to the fame of youtube Best Plays of the Week.

DtotheRoc3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

man i wish i could LIKEx1000 what grieversoul just said lol. not only funny but true at lesat up until week 3 that is :) also how cany anyone disagree with this statement cod has been hacked hard since mw2 and that only continues and whatever isn't actually hacked was an exploit built in game and never fixed like oma tubes for instance, commando, quick scoping, the super overpowered sleight of hand perk because kids dont' actually know how to shoot for i missing anything?

princejb1343204d ago

griversoul just made me lol with the quickscoping comment

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floetry1013204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Black Ops had the potential to be a great Call of Duty game. They added a heap of new features and game modes, nice easter eggs, zombies etc. but they got the fundamentals of the game completely wrong. The hit detection at times is atrocious and some curious perk choices slowed the game down to a crawl.

I'll be skeptical of Modern Warfare 3 until I drop at least 20 hours into it. It takes a few weeks for the warts to appear, and by God, Infinity Ward had better be on their game this time.

DtotheRoc3204d ago

that and the worst map design since cod3 lol!

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