Deus Ex: Human Revolution Lead Director - boss fights were "big disapointment"

The lead director behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution has labelled the boss fights a "big disapointment."

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kesvalk3209d ago

then why did you guys put it in?

Perjoss3209d ago

I think they were trying too hard to be like the MGS franchise. The boss fights were not even that bad, only problem was if you were playing a total stealth play through, when you got to the first boss you had no idea how the weapons behave, no idea how to throw a grenade etc.

BlackKnight3209d ago

What? The boss fights were not like MGS...there was no stamina bar (I think they should have done something like that). And the other methods of fighting the boss besides standard FPS style was basically non-existent.

The game boss fights were done by an outside company. I wish they HAD tried to have the boss fights like MGS, at least I prefer that over what it currently is.

What I would want is something like SOTC or SOMETHING where each boss needs to be evaluated and has a different way of being defeated.

moe843209d ago

Yes, yes they were. If you did outsource parts of the game, in the end it's your fault how your game turns out.

I only had two problems with Deus Ex.
PS3 controls were freaking terrible.
Boss fights.

M1chl3209d ago

Whats wrong with PS3 controls? I finished the game on X360, but played a little on my mates PS3 and everything works just as good as on X360...

Hellsvacancy3209d ago

There was nothin wrong with the PS3 controls, i should know

saladthieves3209d ago

The only differences I saw on both versions was the loading times; with the Xbox 360 being a bit faster, but this wasn't a problem.

I too completed the game on the PS3 and saw absolutely no issues with the controls.

Redempteur3209d ago

nothing wrong with PS3 controls in particular ...

maybe that was stealth trolling ?

andron3209d ago

Yeah the boss fights were the weakest point of the game, but luckily the rest was so good I didn't really care.

And they are only hard until you realize how to best take them down. Typhoon or EMP grenades makes the really easy.

And I gad now problem with the PS3 controls. Care to explain what you meant?...

moe843209d ago

Trolling? Far from it.
To put it simply, the layout is bad. I know it's not just me that feels this way either. Maybe we are the vast minority, but I've spoken to several other PS3 peeps both in person and online. They don't like the controls... period.
I would love to see keyboard and mouse support on the PS3 for Deus Ex.
Controls on the PC version are great.

Other than that, the game is fantastic.

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rfowler303209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

i thought the boss fights were really hard but once you got use to em they were pretty easy. just use emp grenades, emp mines, head shot them repeatidly, rinse and repeat. the second to last boss, i found an exploit where he just camped in one spot(bad ai programing). kept peeking from the wall to head shot him, and then hide behind wall again, rinse and repeat. honestly the bosses are easy if you know how to beat them. for such a great game that had an amazing 5 minute trailer, i was severly disapointed to find out they outsourced the boss fights.

LightofDarkness3209d ago

Just typhoon. That's all you need. First boss was an absolute pain without it, but all subsequent bosses were Typhoon spam. There's no point trying to fight them tooth and nail like that, the fights aren't enjoyable in the slightest, so just spam the F2 key until they go away.

himdeel3209d ago

First boss was cake for me. I used pseudo stealth. Ran to cover popped off some shots. When invisible ran to another spot for cover grenade spam a few shots. Went invisible popped off some more head shots and he went down. I played on hardest difficulty and he was still cake. Although he did kill me twice with that triple grenade strike :(

Perjoss3209d ago

I used a combo of stun gun and then switch to revolver while they are stunned, run away, and repeat.

josephps33209d ago

Talk about using a scapegoat.

Are you telling me the Lead Director never saw or met with this 3rd party? He didn't come in and...I don't them as to how the boss fights should be? This is a multimillion dollar project with huge stakes on the line and he wouldn't have met and consulted with something that is a little important like boss fights?

The lead director should take all the blame. This 3rd party only did what they were lead to do. If the Lead Director didn't like it then he would have stated so and told them to change it. What really happened is that he liked it and now is trying to save face and throwing the blame on someone else. This Lead Director should be fired.

Reborn3209d ago

Agreed. Why on earth would the lead not be aware of what direction the boss fights would take?

He's probably woke up confused.

Bolts3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

He should look in the mirror. You don't outsource to India and blame them for having funny accents. Just so you don't outsource to a shooter dev then blame them for designing boss fights that isn't Deus Ex enough.

What an idiot.

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