Video games boost America's love for Japanese sportcars writes:

"LOS ANGELES--America's love for Japanese sportscars is getting a boost from video games that allow driver-players to "virtually" experience new models before they get behind the actual wheel. No fewer than three "supercars" this week made their North American debut at a car show in Los Angeles that opened to the public Friday after two days of media-only access."

In the article Tim Colbeck, vice president of sales for Subaru of America, says: "The video game phenomenon, with Gran Turismo, I think drew a lot of demand".

Further down in the article Janis Little, director of product and brand communications for Mitsubishi Motors North America, says: "So those people who played videogames, and of course the ones who were aware of Gran Turismo, helped to build the base for Evolution. They became acquainted with us in video games and so Mitsubishi has enjoyed a nice relationship with the people of Gran Turismo"

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Skerj3989d ago

My hate for every other car (especially American) boosts my love for Japanese cars. Toyota ftw!!

cloud360-7th_account3989d ago

Car are nothing. they just get you from point a to point b

power0919993989d ago

I am a Subaru guy. I drive an STi.

I only wish that they would but the "lower end" WRX in to the GT series.

I enjoy the fact that before I owned the STi, I could at least get a sense of driving it.... virturally at least :).

Mr_Kuwabara3989d ago

Son of a b**** I want that car. =(

Hehe happy driving.

Rock Bottom3989d ago

You don't see this kind of news about racing games other then GT, which is a proof of how close GT to reality.

NewfZ3989d ago

Meh, I'm a muscle car/truck fan. When I play racing games, those are the cars I pick. So this article really doesn't apply to me.

calderra3989d ago

For anyone who doesn't know, Subaru got its start in America from Gran Turismo 1. This news is mOLD.

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