How to fix the Dead Island save glitch on PS3

Bryan at El33tonline writes:

"Do you own a PS3 and are you presently enjoying an all-expenses-paid holiday on the tropical island of Banoi? Those pesky zombies getting you down? Wanting to exit your game but you’re never quite sure whether the autosave checkpoint has saved your current session?

Fret no more because there is light at the end of this dark tunnel!"

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FrightfulActions3217d ago

Useful enough, granted... but doesn't this basically require you to play only singleplayer and cut yourself out of the Co-Op portions of the game?

I love Dead Island, its a blast to play, even though it's wiped my character twice now (PC version, not PS3 though) - but honestly, if I wasn't playing co-op with friends, I really doubt I'd be having a fun time. Fighting off all those hordes of undead and 'mini boss' type characters, all by myself... Sounds more frustrating and annoying than anything else.

I'm able to overlook Dead Island's glitches and short-comings because of how much fun I can have playing with friends - the fact that some PS3 users would rather play offline intentionally just to preserve their level, baffles me. It's a shame anyone /has/ to though, since the bloody gavesaves shouldn't had been corrupted in the first place. That should be like, the number 1 rules to follow in the gaming business, don't release a patch that corrupts everyone's saves.

duger3217d ago

Deleting the patch isn't the best way (it's the opposite:) Instead you can try to:
- select 'single player' in online options;
- play only in coop (do not play alone while 'PSN' is selected in online options);
- download latest patch (it's up and running in EU, I don't know if it's already published in US).