GameDaily Give Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, 9

Sony's known for great first party games, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is no exception.

Developed by Naughty Dog, creators of the Jak and Daxter franchise, this PlayStation 3 tour de force takes you on a thrilling journey through a tropical paradise as you, adventurer Nathan Drake, attempt to uncover the lost treasure of El Dorado.

Plenty of shenanigans ensue, with you dashing through a lush jungle and ancient ruins, fending off pirates and jumping over a waterfall, all the while enjoying a phenomenal cinematic experience.

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ngg123453988d ago

it was like a 100 word review

predator3988d ago

really want to play this game, got no ps3 :(

gtgcoolkid3987d ago

simple as that. its an awesome game.

Multigamer3988d ago

avarage game, not long enough for me

the worst3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

call of duty ,halo3 ,Stranglehold ,Jericho was shorter
(reply - mesh1) if you took 13hr on halo 3 you suck
please halo3 cartoonish as hell

IPlayGames3988d ago

Or are u going by some chart or blog??

I've started on hard and been playing for 4 hrs and im on ch4 so.. unless the game is 8ch long ive got nothing to complain about.

mesh13988d ago

shush halo 3 13hrs sinleplay an d to me looks better than uncharted as it looks true 3d bioshock 20hr game cod4 well 6-7 hr sp and excellent muliplayers ,uncharted cartoonish model characters nice enviroments but boring gameplay and a 10hr game HAHAHA

360sucks3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

playing this game all morning on hard
nobodies finishing this game
for at lease 20 plus hours

dhammalama3988d ago

13 HOURS!? Boy mesh1, you suck. Don't be such a trolling moron. You've never played this game, yet you bash it? Why? There is nothing to prove here. Your idiotic and pointlessly biased opinions are worth nothing.
Just realize that your hatred for the PS3 is foolish.
Why hate something like a PS3?
What car do you drive? Do you hate every other make of car?
Do you loiter in pharmacies telling people who buy crest that it sucks and they should use colgate because it gives you 24 hour protection?
Get a life.
Fight for something that matters.
Stop Bashing things other people enjoy for no good reason.

Bubble Buddy3988d ago

mesh1 don't forget to take your xbox360 fanboy glasses off before playing and comparing uncharted to halo 3 graphic wise.

ruibing3987d ago

And how in the world did you get a hold of this game which doesn't come out until Nov 19th?

mesh13987d ago

haha nah i dont h8 the ps3 not at all actaully i wud say the 360 and the ps3 are excatly the same but this is were the prob lies ur sony fan boy brainsseem to think the ps3 is better so i have to have some fun with delusional ppl uncharted maybe a good game but from the gameplay ive seen its more of a casual game there no depth to it but hey i loved crash bandicoot buti was 14 when i bought it which was 10yrs ago and from what ive seen uncharted is not a better game than crash bandicoot p.s i hated gears of war also even tho i still belive its the best looking game out no game comes close the detail in character in that game is ridiculous amazing but to me the game play depth is bland i can go as far as to say i hate gears of war and never play it but still belive the 360 is quite amazing halo3 has deph/mass effect has depth/kotor has depth/bioshock has depth .

Sevir043987d ago

hey man the games been out since the 15th in the eastern part of the states and it came out yesterday for the west coast side of the states. and i've been playin for almost 3 hours on hard mode and just got to chapter 4

ruibing3987d ago

I had no idea since my Amazon preorder still hasn't been shipped yet.

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IPlayGames3988d ago

To much to explain Gears,Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider rolled into 1 with a melee system all to its own.

predator3988d ago

@ the worst, yeas halo 3 and call of duty 4 was short, bioshock was 20 hours long.

Jinxstar3988d ago

Bioshock was truly not short but I explored a lot in that game and it took me about 14 hours maybe to beat. On Medium difficulty... I think 20 hours is a little.... Much but it was a great game. I'm not takin the piss or whatever. I just really dont see how you get 20.... AC was only a little shorter too me the Bioshock.... unless you wanna see both endings anyway for Bioshock then it might be a while....

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