7.0 ~ Star Fox 64 3D | Review (3DS)

Aron Deppert writes: "When one thinks about anthropomorphic foxes, wolves, and bears, Star Fox 64 3D is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Rather, if you’re anything like me, what you think of is a dimly lit convention center with lots of creepy people walking around in furry animal suits that have mysterious crusty spots on them. Time to get your mind out of the gutter, and into outer space because we’re not talking about yiffing or a furry convention; we’re actually going to talk about the aforementioned game, which came out a couple weeks ago for the Nintendo 3DS. In it, players will guide protagonist Fox McCloud and his team of critters take flight in ships called Arwings, and try to save his solar system from the dastardly plots of an evil scientist known as Andros. Read on to find out how the game handles on the 3DS, and if it’s worth 40 of your hard-earned dollars to play a game you probably already played when it originally released 14 years ago."

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RoboRyan3454d ago

It's much easier to remake old games, but I'd prefer to see a new Star Fox game than replay one almost 15 years old on a small screen.

Desert Turtle3454d ago


Moduserous3454d ago

I love the original. Give me a 3D, oh bell yeah!

Venox20083454d ago

I am playing this remake for the first time Starfox64 at all, I can say 9/10 ..great game, great graphics.. I don't care about online at all :) all I care is a single player quality

RoboSpiff3453d ago

the multiplayer is fun! and its one cart local! so its even more accessible.

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