3DS Sales Boosted in Wake of Monster Hunter TGS Announcements

PixiGeek writes: "Eurogamer is reporting that Nintendo’s 3DS has seen a healthy spike in sales, bumping it to the top of the Japanese charts last week and dropping Sony’s PlayStation 3 to second place."

"With no new games released during the week, it would appear that the cause for the 3DS’s bump is its showcase at the Tokyo Game Show last Tuesday, during which Nintendo unveiled several high-profile games in development for the system."

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Shnazzyone3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

And nintendo's stocks saw a 1.58% increase today. Actually, Sony's stock is worth 1 dollar less then nintendo's which is in reality worse because they do far more than games. Of course noone will write a story about that.

AWBrawler3215d ago

I'm going to buy some stock right before WiiU

VampiricDragon3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

The jump had nothing to do with the announcement dudes. The 3ds has been number 1 in japan for months ( about 4) . Even the week before the ps3 was number 1, the 3ds was number 1. It was a case of the ps3 falling back to earth. Portables ( whichever ones) will always be number 1 in japan most of the time.

@ ksense

A few, but not enough to effect the end of month totals

The 3ds was number 1 for the second half of may. Number 1 for june, july, august, and now september.

ksense3215d ago

before the gigantic price drop psp was leading for quite a few weeks....

eagle213215d ago

But many on N4G and the web didn't know 3DS topped June and July overall. It was close but 3DS won (Media Create official numbers). August and September is obvious 3DS on top. Worldwide, it's not even a close race. 3DS is doing well.