Wii Rules writes:

"LOS ANGELES - Not every parent whose child wants a Nintendo Wii this holiday season will be able to get their hands on one. Instead of Tickle Me Elmo, this year parents will stalk the aisles of retailers and surf the Web in hot pursuit of the tiny, white "waggle box." The $250 kid-friendly console has already been on the market for a year, and more than 13 million are already in the hands of gamers."

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v1c1ous3987d ago

people are going to lose limbs.

people are going to be elbowed to the face.

i survived the tickle-me-elmo wars of '96.

i still wake up with clod sweat after dreaming of the mayhem in toys-r-us that winter.

the horror...the horror...

vilmer3987d ago

This is standard Nintendo practice. I remember when the SNES came out they purposely under-shipped to induce hype and demand. They are up to their old tricks, but holy hell is it working!

M_Prime3987d ago

HEY they may be up to their tricks but SNES ROCKED!

and the WII is hot and will only get hotter till D DAY.. which is DEC25/07

Nintendo made 1 hell of a WAGGLE BOX

Hatchetforce3987d ago

No the Wii doesn't rule. That queen is going down. It is return of the King.

PS360WII3987d ago

The PSP outsells the DS once in a while too ^^

synetic3987d ago

Hatchetforce that was nice it will not take much time until xbox 360 also surpass wii sales , ps3 and xbox 360 are the future not wii ..thats my opinions as owner of the 3 consoles

360Sheep3987d ago

i got two of them just sitting in on the table right now, waiting for the bidding wars to commence.. woohoo