Black Ops Rezurrection Review -

Moonwalk your way to Zombie heaven as MMGN reviews the latest DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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gogospeedracer2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Having it a whole month early is pretty nice. Thanks MS!
You can't say that MS doesn't give to its customers!

FAGOL2584d ago

"MS being nice to their customers" - bahaha
How exactly are they being nice? They're using your subscription fee to pay for it to be exclusive for a month.

If they didn't pay then all platforms would of got it at the same time.

gogospeedracer2584d ago

If you want to be negative you can see it that way. I consider it a perk! Plus, I don't mind paying for content! Sure beats waiting!

How are they being good to their customers? Think about it, they are taking some of the money we pay in and providing another reason to be a customer. Makes sense mate.

FAGOL2584d ago

You're still missing the point. If they didn't pay then all platforms would of got it at the same time. MS is paying Activision to delay content for other platforms. It's a business strategy to entice CoD fans to buy Xbox 360 over other platforms.

I don't know why you think it's "nice" that MS do this. The only reason would be that you're a Xbox fanboy who doesn't want other platforms to get content at the same time.

Making the DLC free or discounted would be being "nice" to its customers.

So no your reasoning doesn't make sense.

beavis4play2584d ago

why can't you say it? BF3 dlc is coming to ps3 first.....and it's not a big deal - just like this content not coming to ps3 first.

gogospeedracer, you're reading WAY too much into this. and anyways, the article is about it arriving on ps3 - your comment is "off topic"

FAGOL2584d ago

The Moon map is good. Not great but good. I still think Der Riese is the best map. But Moon is probably the best Black Ops map for me. Followed by Kino Der Toten and Ascension.

beavis4play2584d ago

i disagree. the "best" map (in my opinion) is either CotD or shangrila.....moon is really good though.

however,i will say that if der riese were made today with the extra "bells and whistles" that the more recent maps have, it would have been the best map.

i'd love to see treyarch do a full retail zombie game with der riese as the main enviroment for the single-player story campaign.

FAGOL2584d ago

I didn't really like CotD. George Romero is too annoying. I didn't like Shangri La as much as I wanted to. I don't know why but everyone has their own tastes.

Sucks that Moon doesn't have the Big Bang Theory Trophy/Achievement.

beavis4play2584d ago

that's funny, because one of the things i liked about CotD was killing george - either in SP or team.