MW3, Uncharted 3, and the Rise of Team-Centric Gameplay

Killstreaks and Kill/Death Ratios have causes multiplayer shooters to encourage the lone wolves while discouraging team players. We may see this trend reversing soon, however.

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fooxy3214d ago

In that case they should kill CoD with fire because every kiddo over there cares about their k/d and as soon as it goes not according to the plan they just fucking dashboard to maintain their precious stats !

-Mika-3214d ago

I agree. MW3 is looking to be a more team based experience but they should get rid of the K/D ranking. I have no idea why people are obsessed over that but it has got to go.

Raf1k13214d ago

Can you imagine the complaints from all the cry-babies about not having K/D ranking? It's one of the main things people like about CoD so there's no chance of it going away IMO.

GrieverSoul3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

K/D can never go away because the hardcore community would march against Activision and kill them. Hell, they didnt even had the balls to take out quickscoping which is an abuse of the auto aim assist feature in the game. All because the youtube pub stars cried foul when Black Ops ditch it. Unfortunaly, 1 month later they patched it to make possible again.
still, I agree with you. K/D ruins certain types of games. People playing objective games without caring for the objectives and only going for kills. That is a problem that K/D brings.

For me, the solution would be to take out K/D from objective matches. Doesnt matter if you kill 100 guys in demolotion, the point is to plant the bomb, so you get 1 WIN. If you care about K/D go play TDM.

DtotheRoc3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

could not agree more with and greviersoul. black ops is trash and this k/d whoring is thanks to the terrible map design making it simple to spawn trap. that said i HATE TDM and wishes that mode was gone from every game. if youw anna play lone-wolf then play real deathmatch aka FFA where you can't spawn trap or get lucky where skilled players will actually win. that said i'm an objective guy really but cod has ruined playing objectively. that's why i'm looking forward to elite actually--the free version of course--so i can find players who will ONLY play for the objective--and those that even mention the words killstreak and k/d ratio will be removed and forever blocked from my server lists--and play strictly wiht them. course if mw2 had been more like cod 4 and had servers with admins in charge then all those exploits like aim assist quickscoping and infinity noobtubes would've been long gone before the community turned that game to shit. also all speed-knifers woudl get kicked/banned as well.

JellyJelly3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

The game that first pops into my mind when thinking of team-centric gameplay is Battlefield and BFBC 2, not Call of Duty or Uncharted.

Not saying one game is better than the other but the Battlefield series forces players to use teamwork in a way that COD and Uncharted doesn't.

DtotheRoc3214d ago

let me save you all time this article is bullshit and loses credibility when it mentions cod and teamwork in the same sentence! lol