Assassin's Creed freezes and crashes; Gamers fired up

GamerNode reports that recent posts over on the Ubisoft forums have gamers all fired up over reported freezing issues with the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed (as well as the Xbox 360 version - see Notes below.)

Some PS3 gamers are indicating that the bug is occurring with the new 2.00 firmware release while others have reported that their AC game froze up with firmware version 1.94.

Notes: Other websites and forums are also reporting freezing and other technical issues with the PS3 as well as Xbox 360 versions. Problems include system crashes, failures to record objectives and achievements, and lengthy load times. See alternative sources for details.

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gamesR4fun3990d ago

once so far been playing a little more than 8/h had to reboot to get out tho.

radzy3989d ago

"the next generation doesnt start until we say so"(ps3 launch)

sony bluraystation 3 "the real name"

radzy3989d ago

"the next generation doesnt start until we say so"(ps3 launch)

sony bluraystation 3 "the real name"

Real Gambler3989d ago

Got about 2 seconds of tearing after 15 minutes, and saw a line across the screen maybe twice while I was playing my third session (about 3 hours sessions). Line could have been a tearing trying to creep up. So after 8 hours, no freeze at all, and just awesome. (I will never complaint for one tearing and a few lines every 8 hours if the rest of the game is just awesome...).

I'm playing in 1080 by the way. I find the smoke, fog, dust (when walking) just a tidbit better in 1080 instead of 720p. You may want to try it. And it does look sharper on my tv. Who knows, maybe the freezing happen more in 720p? If it's the case, I'll stick with a weebit of tearing : )

The Snake3989d ago

Freezing wouldn't happen more on 720p. In fact it says in the manual (at least in the PS3 version's manual)that the game was optimized for 720p.

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sanderFVCKINcohen3990d ago

Mynes on the 360 plays good, except for the long loads. Its not that long, just kinda too long.

Snukadaman3989d ago

but owning the xbox version I have seen no game ending bugs or tearing people are talking about....theres talk of people playing for hours...that would be the problem considering the xbox can fry a egg with the hours it play for more then 5 hours you got too experience something...and on the ps3 people just had a firmware update...we all know thats your problem...well supposedly some of you....

macsto3990d ago

Got the 360 version, no problems here.

ktchong3989d ago

Welcome to the gaming reality of the PC.

fermcr3989d ago

Games for PC only have problems if you are a noob ... or people with shi**y PC's.

SlippyMadFrog3989d ago

Tell that to the people that bought Hellgate London.

Juevani3989d ago

Have mine on the PS3 it never happend to me, been playin for like 8 hours now already.. i think the firmware 2.00 is the problem.. fix it Sony.. but hey add least the ps3 is not dien' *lol* like some other consoles..

va_bank3989d ago

It's amazing, no matter how many times it's said that it happens with 1.94 firmware (including in this article) people are still blaming Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.