GUFUyourself - Counter Strike: Global Offensive played

GUFUyourself writes - "The latest entry in the long established Counter Strike franchise was announced by Valve in August. Produced in tandem with developers Hidden Path Entertainment, CS:GO focuses on tight 5v5 gameplay, hoping to propel an already popular series even further, by releasing on XBLA and PSN alongside Steam.

In it’s most recent public appearance, the title was playable at Eurogamer Expo 2011 in London, and I was on hand to give it a try. Valve only had the PS3 version on offer, but it was more than enough to get a taste of the meaty shooting action coming to systems in 2012."

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Agent_hitman3205d ago

Is it just me or this game is losing it's hype, most of the BF3 and MW3 articles are flooded with comments, But this!.. I don't know.. Please comment.. let's revive this CSGO HYPE!