Sony sends PS3 birthday cakes to the press

Usually we're accustomed to turning over -- not receiving -- birthday cakes for others' super-special day, but Sony's PR team shipped out an unknown number of butter-cream frosting PS3 birthday cakes (with what appears to be an edible t-shirt iron-on) to press today. Well, your stunt worked Sony -- you got a post on Engadget, and again, happy friggin birthday. Now, who wants to come over to Engadget HQ for some cake and warm milk?

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Mikey_Gee3989d ago

... so why not now ...

"Happy Birthday PS3"

Armyless3989d ago

Can I have a slice please?

CyberSentinel3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

That should sweeten a few reviews.

Douchebaggery3989d ago

Sony is encouraging unhealthy eating habits and discriminating against diabetic people.

tk3989d ago

Great one that... Sony discriminates against diabetics...

b777conehead3989d ago

and i just started insulin on monday for control of my diabetes that cake looks good

Slayer OP3989d ago

Ok you can admit you made that up now. Console trolling is one thing but faking a serious problem to make a console loob bad is just low.

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Bonsai12143989d ago

haha.. a way to get good press. good job sony.

mm.. can't wait for dec. 5th, my ps3's one year anniversary with me :-p

Genuine3989d ago

Personally, I believe giving gamers something would have been in better taste. Maybe a free PSN game download and some free themes.

ENNO3989d ago

We are getting a free PSN game when the store updates...didnt you get that email?

Skerj3989d ago

They probably laced the cakes with laxative or something for everyone talking crap about them for the past year.

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The story is too old to be commented.