Convergence of Zune and Xbox services

J Allard, the mysterious, bedreadlocked, Lex Luthor-ish cat behind the Xbox, Zune and Zune 2 (amongst others) sat down for a Q and A with the New York Times and revealed some deep feelings -- as well as future plans.

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thereapersson3992d ago

Too bad the software program is the biggest piece of ass ever! They took out way too many important features that were in the previous iteration.

JasonXE3992d ago

look of the new software. It is a bit hard to navigate though.

Zhuk3992d ago

As a Zune and Xbox 360 owner, I am extremely satisfied with both of these products. The new Zune software is nothing short of amazing and it definitely has the best looks/style of any media player on the market.

thereapersson3992d ago

Microsoft removed the EQ from the player, the Auto-Playlist functions, 5-Star rating organization system and powered down the meta data editing system, making it less efficient than before. The new software, while high on aesthetics and style, is ultimately a downgrade from the previous version. Plus, why on earth would Microsoft remove the EQ and Auto-Playlist functions? That makes no sense to downgrade a product! In fact, it makes it easier to use Windows Media player than it does to deal with the convoluted garbage that is the Zune 2.0 software. Too bad Microsoft doesn't even let you use the Zune with Windows Media Player... WTF???

Anyway, the look and useability of the new Zune is much better than the previous version, which is a step in the right direction. I've been a creative fan for many years, but i'll say that the Zune 2 is definitely a good competitor now.

JasonXE3991d ago

The eq and quick playlist is still there.

WilliamRLBaker3992d ago

that microsoft got past those annoying things called patents that apple had on a touch sensitive circle and make the touch sensitive squarcle!!!!!!!

FEar the allmighty mating of the square and circle!!! the squarcle! it shall control your life!!!

Captain Tuttle3992d ago

That Sony has under it's big tent I don't understand why they don't implement this right away. Forget Blu-Ray, make it so you can download Sony movies and songs directly to that big hardrive on the PS3. If you're running out of room, slap a 500 gig in that baby. It beats the hell out MS proprietary crap.

What's the hold up Sony?