Mod your Guitar Hero axe with LEDs

Sometimes, it's not enough to simply rock. Sometimes, you've got to get all glammed out -- with makeup, tiny replicas of Stonehenge, and an LED mod for your axe. Some clever folks (with what seems to be an unreasonable amount of spare time) have created a solution to at least one of those problems. Using custom molded buttons, a simple LED array, and the patience of Zen-master, these folks have imbued the normally just semi-spectacular Guitar Hero guitar with ultra-spectacular LED lights. Check the video after the break to see it in action, then it the read link and learn how to make the magic on your own.

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Snukadaman3990d ago

It is very wireless...and no dongle like the ps3 one...only pain in the ass is that you need I come too find out that it also is compatible with win in my book.

Bebedora3989d ago

I'd like to have a wired to my PS3. No batteries are more worth than playing wireless