TLR: Resistance 3 Campaign Review

Vex of TLR writes "There is a strong feeling of despair and a lot of motive is given to survive. Where the other two games failed to draw you in, this one nails it in the head."

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Tapewurm3217d ago

Invalid review from a site that has no clue.

bacrec13217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

"Well gosh darn it, this guy has his own opinion about a game, Well I don't like that at all. If he doesn't agree with the masses, then he has to be doing it for hits."


Tapewurm3212d ago

It's one thing to have an opinion and it's another to review something and actually say it is pretty good then give it a crap score.

bacrec13212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Well its a good thing that didn't happen. Maybe if you actually "read" the review, you would see why it received that score.

The real Colombian3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

One of the major parts of the game had a major flaw wich explains the low score. A game could look amazing but if it lacks gameplay then that brings the score way down. Yes, the story is the best in the series but it's a game not a movie, I wanna do more than watch. What is not legit is the way sony fanboys give a pass to this game just because it's an exclusive.

Tapewurm3212d ago

Oh, I read it. You say the story and graphics are amazing and basically ding it for poor AI...sums up your review, minus the racists in your school that used to pick on you. You rented it from redbox? hmmm anyway, the AI is fine...especially since the patch and your score doesn't match up for all the good you had to say....if you had given it a 4, I may have not posted here.....but, the review is your opinion and invalid :)

The real Colombian3211d ago

Wow you finally read it. It does match up if you take into account that no matter how good a game looks if the mechanics aren't up to par the it eats up a big chunk of it's score. Don't get your feeling hurt just because I won't blindly give this game a fake pro Sony review. That's just how i feel about the game even if it was a multi plat or msoft exclusive. Oh and thanks for the hits you gave our in-valid site. LMAO
The fact you would give that game a four is your opinion and a valid one, but it also shows your bias. Yes i rented the game and im glad too, its not worth 60 bucks.
Enjoy replying cus i won't, i will be too busy playing a game really worth sixty dollars Gears of War 3.

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beast242tru3217d ago

resistance 3 is a whole lot better than the previous 2 IMO so gtf

banjadude3217d ago

I agree with you, sir. Though, I do miss the co-op style from R2.

TheLastGuardian3217d ago

That score is BS. The campaign is a 9.5/10 imo. The multiplayer is a 9. Best FPS on consoles imo except I enjoyed Bioshock's campaign more than R3.

I have the Resistance 3 platinum and I'm level 36 in multiplayer. This is an Insomniac masterpiece.

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