Another Look At Skyrim Collector’s Edition

Take a peek on what contents will be included in the upcoming Collector’s Edition of Elder SCrolls V: Skyrim.

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Tanir3218d ago

nice collectors, to bad im waiting for the goty edition

Johnny_Cojones3218d ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gots mines paid for already. Excessively priced, to be sure, but certain games are more of a life experience.

SH0CKW4VE3218d ago


Doesnt look justified when you can get the game for £40 and the swag is pretty lame except for the dragon.

Johnny_Cojones3218d ago

200+ page artbook & the making of doc don't seem lame to me, but everyone has their own tastes I guess.

Dovahkiin3218d ago

I agree, it's the only thing i like about it. If only they'd sell the book separately... Might have to try ebay post release.

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