Twenty Million DS Systems in Japan: Nintendo crosses a major milestone

According to, the Nintendo DS has passed the 20 million mark in Japan, and within three years of its release, 12/2/2004.

Since the redesign version in 2006, the DS lite has sold 6 million units by itself.

It is estimated that the Nintendo DS should reach 28 million units by march 2008.

According to Media Create, the DS and DS Lite have captured 50.26% of the
Japanese hardware market since their release. Software for the platform has accounted for 40% of the entire software market at 83.95 million units. Of that figure, 9.94% was achieved by the two Brain Age games, which have combined for 8.35 million units.

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Danja4079d ago

Impressive who the hell in Japan doesn't own a DS and this thing keeps selling sh!t loads...

does ne 1 know the PSP figures...?

akaFullMetal4079d ago

damn, that is really good for nintendo, but i've even heard they are going to be making another redesign of the ds, wow how many redesigns they going to be going through???

mariusmal4079d ago

ehehe. i didnt bought the original DS because it was ugly as hell. the DS lite is another story.. love at first sight.

jackdoe4079d ago

That is amazing. PSP isn't doing too shabbily either.

whateva4079d ago

hand helds are taken over! consoles like cellphones did to house phones.

mariusmal4079d ago

20 million only in japan. add the millions in europe and you got a winner. im loving my DS. best buy in ages