DICE Lashes Out at Angry BattleField 3 Fans

Things hit the fans recently on the BattleField 3 EA UK forums.

It seems that certain members of the community forum weren’t too happy when it was announced that Operation Metro was going to be the provided map during the beta testing period of the game. This announcement came AFTER DICE had previously claimed otherwise, that the Operation Metro wasn’t going to be used for beta. Apparently some fans had their hearts set on a different map to play during the beta ( one that would allow up to 64 players ) and became somewhat upset by the news.

When the complaints became loud a forum moderator shared his opinion on the matter.

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Dart893207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Crybabies much??Just be damn happy they're giving us a beta man i swear this generation has breed nothing but stupid gamers SMH.
@Below true but just be happy with what they are giving you.

-Mika-3207d ago

Ya but you can't really get mad at the fans. They would have liked to test out 64 players combat in battlefield. This is a first in the series. Many players do appreciate dice and understand but 64 player combat is a huge selling point and alot of players would have like that feature in the beta.

Shackdaddy8363207d ago

It's still 64 players on op metro...

DigitalAnalog3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

"Ya but you can't really get mad at the fans. They would have liked to test out 64 players combat in battlefield. This is a first in the series."

You must have the Battlefield series confused with the "Bad Company" spinoffs. Since the original 1942, the game ALWAYS had 64 players online.

-End statement

PhantomT14123207d ago


No it will be limited to 32 players in the beta.
But I think every map can welcome 64 players in the final product.

Caleb_1413207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )


No it's not - the beta only has Operation Metro in Rush Mode and DICE have stated several times that Rush has a maximum player count of 32. Many people are annoyed not because they can't try out 64 player conquest for the sake of it - but because they want to see how well that amount of players can be run on their system, how well the actual game mechanics work, how much it is like previous iterations, etc. Many people on the forums just want Battlefield 3 to be the best damn FPS of the present times. By DICE not including the mode that the Battlefield series is known for that just makes no logical sense at all. If they want to sell their product why don't they show it at it's best? Just makes no sense what so ever.

Ser3207d ago

People should just shut their mouths and be happy that they're getting a beta at all.

gamingdroid3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I find it funny now that suddenly the Beta is now a privilege, when it used to be that beta was for TESTING to the developers benefit!

The more appropriate word is demo, and if anything these "beta's" are suppose to help us decide if we want to buy it as well i.e. dual purpose.

Comments from the developers like "To the rest of you - grow up" is just plain insulting! These are fans, your customers!

I expect more from the professionals, and the more I see from the Dice the less I like. Everything from Online Passes, to hiding footage of console graphics, to outright complaining about customers and THEN INSULTING customers....

After all, Dice said one thing and then changed their mind. Maybe they should get some real professional to manage the PR. If Activision did something like this there would be a sh!tstorm right now.

Flavor3207d ago

If you had to endure operation metro in the Alpha like me, you would be pissed off over its use in the beta as well.

Map is the definition of boilerplate. In fact it was downright disappointing, like a call of duty (2003) map.

I am not exaggerating, map was complete with 10 foot walls enclosing everything, behind which were mock up buildings for background filler.

DtotheRoc3207d ago

first in what series are you talking about? battlefield? every battlefield has big player counts aside form the console crap that was the bad company games in my honest opinoin 2 of those was too many and i hope to god they never release another bad company.

evrfighter3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

i don't blame the fans

64 player battlefield IS battlefield

it's what set it apart back in the day for me when I played 32 man cs servers.

the fans went and bought MoH for battlefield 3 beta. At least I did. ya sure op metro is nice and all but it's not Battlefield. It felt like a bc2 on roids which still doesn't compare to Battlefield. I'd care more if bf3 was the only game worth waiting for this year but half my excitement is reserved for skyrim so I don't mind.

alex98k another DICE employee was very vocal in the totalbf2 forums back in the day much like this guy.

Heartnet3207d ago


Dude ur right on the money.. If this was a beta then this for their benefit aswell as ours... Saying this just clarifies that this game is really a demo and even in that case its for persuading you to buy it...

Saying grow up to fans is and insulting ur customer base is nothing short of cocky if you can think to get away with that kinda nonsense.. 2nd time sumin like this has been reported.. dice just a bunch of douches and need to get there head out of there ass...

Atleast Certain other developers and publishers dont insult there consumer base.....

and for all who say this is a priviledge just be happy with what ur given... what utter BS why shud you settle with 32 player when they have boasted about having 64 players? If they have such an amazing (its not that amazing.. 256 players MAg Much?) feature in this game then why wouldnt they show it off? and surly thats whats going to take up the servers most of all so would also make sense to test that first...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33207d ago

I disagree with that mod or whatever he is. Privileged to have a beta? What kind of crap is that? The Beta is used to help polish the game, that way the devs/pubs don't launch a broken game. If Epic ever told me that, I'd never buy one of their games again.

awi59513207d ago


What do you mean 64 players is a first in the series? Battlefield 2 had 64 players.

superrey193207d ago

I think he means it's a privilege in the sense that the beta could have been completely closed and/or exclusive to people who bought/pre-ordered MoH and bf3 on origin. The problem is that all these people who are complaining bought neither yet they are the ones who are being critical.

Again, they could have made the beta closed and most of these people wouldn't even get to try out the beta. That said, it's just a freakin' beta!! The full game comes out in a few weeks where everyone will get to try everything out!

Dee_913207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

@ superrey19
No! its a demo! not a beta
what do they know they are only the developers for the game and we are just random people on a site so ofcourse we know whats what
do i even need to add a /s ?

if they said its a beta its a beta i dint care what did what with who if they say its a demo its a demo but they didnt
so stfu and be happy its not a closed beta

chak_3206d ago

@gamingdroid grow up too while you're at it if you feel offended.

Sarcasm3206d ago

I agree with DICE, ungrateful little morons.

3206d ago
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PshycoNinja3207d ago

Moderator =! Developer

Moderators are sometimes people from the community who were given moderator access by the developers to help keep order in the forums. Most of the time moderators aren't part of the development team. So saying a developer lashed out is a false statement.

skip10203207d ago Show
Brawler3207d ago

zh1nt0 is a DICE employee not just a mod hes the community manager at DICE

thats his twitter.!/zh1nt...

Heartnet3207d ago Show
TopDudeMan3207d ago

Yeah he is a dev. Moderators don't get overtime, I'm afraid. If you read the article you'd have picked up on that.

TheIneffableBob3206d ago

Community managers are employees of the company. They sometimes have a small say in the development of the game so they can still be technically a "developer."

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SirBillyBones3207d ago

Well said Dart. The sense of entitlement and lack of patience that some people have these days is appalling.

DarthJay3206d ago

Good for him. He absolutely NAILED it. It is not a right. It is a privilege. The damn game will be out in 31 days. Settle for what they are GIVING you to try for FREE. Ridiculous that he even had to say that.

SilentNegotiator3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

So testing out their game in droves is a privilege for...."US"? Betas are meant to test out the game before they release so that they're ready. SHOULDn't they be testing out 64 player matches in the beta? Isn't that the part that they should be MOST concerned about?

And come on, they said one thing and then did another. The fans have right to be a little annoyed by the fact that they're being jerked around.

Leaving out 64 players in the beta for PC gamers just goes to show that they're putting a lot more effort into the consoles.

But if you're okay with a not-so-long-ago PC franchise catering to consoles, not stress testing the most stressful part of the game in the beta (both for stability and for players to test out their rig with BF3), and DICE lying to you......Well, that's some blind faith right there.

gogospeedracer3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I'm not lashing out at anyone.
People are becoming overly sensitive aren't they?

I don't get mad when PSN goes down.
I don't get angry when Live does the same.
I like Acitivision just fine.
I like EA as well!
I also like Battlefield and COD. I like Mass Effect.

I suppose I'm just a different bred of man. I know there are others just like me who don't let the little things get to them.

Bubble up if you are Man!

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iamnsuperman3207d ago

Its slightly funny that this mod kind of confirmed the beta is being used for advertisment of the game. I do not blame them but i remember betas being useful to the process. Sadly this is another thing that has changed this generation

Christopher3207d ago

It's both. They use it to both market their game and to do stress testing. What used to be the point of 'betas' is now the point of 'alphas'. I blame MMOs for starting this trend of betas for getting a taste of a game.

Heartnet3207d ago

If it was stress testing then they would be testing out 64 players as thats whats going to use it the most.. end of..

and thats what fans are angry about

Christopher3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Nah, they'll be stress testing for consoles primarily, and that means sticking to a single map with a single limitation. Otherwise they would have to manage two stress tests.

Edit: Yes, it is completely unfair to PC users who want to experience 64-man maps and know how it will handle, but they are absolutely correct that there being a beta test is a privilege and not a right. There are a ton of ways they could do stress testing without doing a beta. You take the good with the bad, but I'm going to assume that there's more good to be had than bad.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

That's why I consider this a demo, and not a beta. I'm a bit confused on why the DICE employee mentioned it's a privilege to play this. I mean, if I was playing in a beta a couple months ago, THAT would of been a privilege... but they're releasing a "beta" I say demo a couple weeks before the actual game comes out. All games do that!

I suppose Forza 4's demo date is really a beta date?

kingdoms3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? This is about people not happy with the map. Hope you're not talking about 2 or 3 year old arcade title or some skins lol.

vyke33207d ago

PS3 is getting BF3 DLC a week early. I thought you would like to know so you would bash it first. :P

SnotyTheRocket3206d ago

Ps3 needs multi platform love too.

Sheikah3207d ago

I can see why you'd be dissapointed, but it just seems ungrateful, heh :p It's a "free" service. Also, it's a test which we "conduct" for Dice... You can't really go making demands when the alternative was "no beta at all".. It's like whining about free DLC being boring

gamingdroid3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

However, I still expect a professional response from Dice instead of "Grow Up". This is not the first time, last time there were comments about how console owners don't get the power of PC.

Dice attitude towards consumers has been a little anit-consumer!

skip10203207d ago

Grow up, the swedes don't sugar coat things for punks like you

eak33207d ago

a lot of the consumers are a bunch of cry-babies. The guy shouldn't have posted what he did, but bet good money most of the staff at DICE is saying the same things this guy said but worse. Everyone is going to get the entire game at the end of Oct, this is just a free taste. Get the F over yourselves and enjoy it for what it is. Be lucky they even give us this.

FragMnTagM3207d ago

OMG It's the end of the world! DICE told some snobby forum members to grow up!

Stop the press, inform the president, it's a national emergency.


gamingdroid3207d ago

Well, I guess I have to retract my comment. It's clear that some of the comments here is why Dice has to respond like that!

SilentNegotiator3206d ago


It would appear that they probably have to be immature towards these people because it's all some of them understand....

I mean, look at the immature backlash you got for saying: 'I expect a more mature response from DICE'

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