GameEnthus Podcast ep65: Glow Worm with a Shotgun or Proprietarily Offensive

The GameEnthus crew is joined by Jon Ortiz. This week our discussions include but are not limited to: Lost in Shadow, The Gunstringer, Eve Online craziness, Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, Gears of War 2/3, Rise of Nightmares, Mega Man GB, Resident Evil 4, Hobo With a Shotgun, Dead Island, XDAndroid, social media, Burnout Crash, Crimson Alliance, Portal, Reistance 3, Warhammer 40k Space Marines, StarFox 64, DC Universe, Radiant Silvergun, NBA 2K12 Demo, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One and more. If you like the show please leave us an itunes review. We also would appreciate comments on the forums, the site, Stitcher, via email([email protected]) or voicemail(202-573-7686).

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Dan503205d ago

I had a glow worm when I was little :D

Relientk773205d ago

Yo me too, I saw the title and was like um what I had one of those lol

ind1fference3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

I never had a glow worm or Teddy Ruxpin :(