Ripten Crysis Review

Via Ripten:

"Reality, what does the word mean to you? Does it equate to the sum of everything you perceive as living and organic? Or perhaps its the quotient of all life's experiences? Regardless, more often than not, the real world offers an intangible connection that our imaginations do not. Still every now and again the lines get blurred to the point where it becomes difficult to distinguish reality from fiction. It's this undefined line that so many developers over the years have strived for, and yet so few have achieved."

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THESWAT3990d ago

wait for 2009 when a computer will properly be able to run this game on ultra high settings...

akaFullMetal3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

good for crysis, but im not really interested in the game for some reason, it just reminds me of farcry, the demo was gorgous, but i just wasn't very entertained, or that i felt like, been there, done that, dont know, just didnt impress me, dont get me wrong its a tight controlled, action game with the best visuals so far, alot of people will love this, even if i have a luke warm feeling to it


thank you for a reviewer that doesnt over-exaggerate and say THE best graphics, but said,"some of the best graphics" thank you man

BigKev453989d ago

Bring this game to X360, PS3!

mbmonk3989d ago

What do you know.. another Nostradavis submitted piece from F-ing amazing. Stop junking up the PC gaming section with your blog spam.

techie3989d ago

Why is it spam? It's a review - it's news, and well written too.