Choosing Video Games For Your Kids

GamerFitNation's DeShonda Thigpen writes about choosing video games for your kids. "Are your kids video game fanatics? You’re not alone. Video games are a favorite hobby among kids today. When kids are young, having them play a video game can be a welcome break for both you and them. But as they get older, particularly the teenage years, their video gaming habits change: They may prefer to play with friends, and may even compete at a higher level with more challenging and edgy content."

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xtheownerzx3209d ago

I know a lot of parents that need to read this.

Shojin13209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection until their old enough to buy there own. Meahwhile tell them to stay reading painting learning... growing.

-Mika-3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Not really. There nothing wrong with a child playing a m-rated game. I used to play GTA3 all the time when i was a child and that did not turn me into a violent person.

If you're active with your child and play games with them. Then m-rated games won't be a problem for them.

@ xtheownerzx

You don't even have to monitor them. I think tweens are capable of playing mature games. They gone to learn m rated stuff from school, friends and the internet. So restricting what your child play is just being controlling.

xtheownerzx3209d ago

your making the assumption that all parents have the time to be active with their child on a daily basis. There are many parents out there that work 40 plus hours a week that are unable to monitor their children like they should.

kramun3209d ago

I actually agree with -Mika- tbh. I used to sneak downstairs and watch 18 rated videos when I was 7 years old, and apparently they can warp your mind according to studies from groups with too much money on their hands.

But I haven't killed anyone.


Pozzle3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I think it depends on the kid, tbh. Some will be able to handle M-rated games, while others won't be.

Heck, I remember I was pretty young when Silent Hill was first released, and it ended up giving me nightmares. :O So my parents did the sensible thing and took the game away from me, and didn't let me play it until I was older. More parents should do that sort of thing tbh, instead of blaming the games/developers and going straight to the media about it.

In the end, it's definitely up to the parents to monitor their kid and make sure the M-rated game isn't having a negative effect on them. Not every kid is going to be able to handle themes that are aimed towards adults, and there are also the kids who are easily scared or naturally aggressive so playing mature games might affect them badly.
But that's not the game's fault. A parent should never just assume their kid is old enough to handle an M-rated game without fully knowing/watching how their kid responds to it.

kramun3209d ago


I agree, not every child is the same, and you should keep an eye on what your children are playing. But the thing is that kids know other kids, and while you may not let your children play certain games other parents may be a lot less concerned with what their children are playing and your kids will play their games without you knowing.

I think that while it's important to try and monitor what your children are doing it's more important to teach them values of life and to understand that what they are playing, or watching, is not real. Because you can't protect them from seeing everything.

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fredolopez3209d ago

getting involved is probably one of the best ways of knowing what's going on in the game. great article!!!

bfigaro3209d ago

Wonderful article. A must read for parents.

LondonMediaOS3209d ago

Good read; When parents arent involved you get 30 kids cursing you out in a game lobby.

ScubaSteve13209d ago

god high pitch voices, cursing, saying you suck or you pu**y, or something

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