Rumor:New Love Plus to be localized

According to Otaku Depot, and by extension, The Irish Independent, Konami has shown interest in localizing New Love Plus. Keep in mind this is only a rumor until Uchida-san confirms this

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zerocrossing3217d ago

Would be a huge step forward for the industry if this does get localised, even better if it sold well =)

EcoSos33217d ago

Nice i hope the US get this one and Senran Kagura.

tiffac0083217d ago

Well if Konami plans to localize Love Plus then I hope they have plans to localize the new Suikoden game their releasing on the PSP too.

Cloudberry3217d ago

I need more new Suikoden games...

noxeven3217d ago

God if they localize the new new one and not the old one idk

Venox20083217d ago

it would be nice and i wanted to see if it would appeal to west

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