GamePro- Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

GamePro: "You'll notice quite early on that Pro Evolution is still pretty far down the food chain in terms of its overall presentation, unfortunately. While Konami has snared the exclusive UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League licenses, they still can't match the stable of licenses FIFA boasts. And the fit and finish of everything from the menus to the cinematic interactions with your agent in Be a Legend mode just don't come off as slick and professional as their contemporaries -- not just in soccer, but in sports games in general.

The graphics are nice and the player likenesses are impressive, but in motion, they have something of a stuttering, jerky quality that can't match FIFA's fluidity (in my more generous moments, I assume that the reason I have such great control in PES is precisely because of this, since I'm not getting caught in long, scripted animations). FIFA definitely has the fancy plumage and the enticing mating dance to attract most soccer fans."

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