XboxFamily Review: Assassin's Creed - 6.5

"While I mentioned a trend of repetition in this game, I have to say that graphically it is impressive. I'm sure that's why it will get high marks from some of the larger review sites. The big boys know what casual gamers like. They like graphics."

+ Beautiful Graphics That Impress

+ Animations Are Fluid Thanks to PoP Engine

- You play the first 5 minutes, you've played it.

- Doesn't come close to the hype.

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socomnick3988d ago

This game is an abomination its so horrible man I hate it.

dachiefsman3988d ago

been playing the game for about 4 hours now and I can't disagree the game play is repetitive

vgn243987d ago

a 6.5? That's not fair.

dachiefsman3987d ago alone should at least give it a 7.5