9.0 Reviews God of War Origins Collection writes: Kratos and his two PSP titles have been remastered and ported over to the PS3. Does Kratos look good walking among the gods on the big screen, or should these games be left for the handheld? Read our review to find out.

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ftwrthtx3215d ago

Loved them on the PSP and love them even more with a dualshock and a big TV.

TerminalGamer3215d ago

2 games for the price of one can't be beat. And these aren't short games either.

Cajun Chicken3215d ago

Brilliant, blasted through them last few days during a rental and forgot how long they were. Almost a new experience on console. Not getting rid of my PSP copies though.

ftwrthtx3215d ago

Totally agree. It really is like 2 brand new GoW titles when playing these on the PS3.

Cajun Chicken3215d ago

The work put into 'Ghost is pretty amazing, it's pretty much as if RaD already had the assets fit for PS3 when making the PSP version.

kc_chang3215d ago

Loved the games in the PSP, love them even more with a big screen and HD. Revenge in HD.

moparful993215d ago

Can't wait to play these on the ps3.. Loved em on the psp can only imagine how much better they are with dual analogs, hd visuals, and trophies!!!

ftwrthtx3215d ago

You wont be disappointed.