Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 controller unveiled

OXMUK writes: The controller features a transforming D-pad - it changes from a "plus" to a disc. Buy it, and you'll get a download voucher for an exclusive Xbox Live Avatar item. Better not be another blooming T-shirt, Acti.

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EazyC3211d ago

Oh, dear.

I used the Black Ops one at my friends house and it was terrible. A real "Madcatz" job. Oh, wait...

Perhaps this one is better.

LightSamus3211d ago

As far as I know, it's just an official pad with a skin job. So it'll be as good as any other 360 pad.

Echo3073211d ago

Yep. I'm VERY pleased that they're using the new analog sticks you can find on the silver Xbox controllers. The raised edge is far superior to the 'nub' design, IMO.

fluffydelusions3211d ago

Doesn't look too great TBH. The only interesting looking controller I have seen is that gold star wars one.

NukaCola3211d ago

The whole deal with these custom Xboxes are that they make noise too. The MW3 one has that beaming power up sound that nods make when you turn them on. It's ok and the casing for the system is whatever. The controller looks like the case ut less shiny.

The star wars 360 is really badass though. Sad that it wasn't launching with a good game. I have no interest in Star Wars Kinect game, it looks atrocious, but if I were to buy another 360, that is the one to get for it's sweet R2/C3PO combo with R2 sound effects and a big HDD.

SKUD3211d ago

So since its a COD controller then it must cost like 80 bucks?

Echo3073211d ago

Same price as any other new controller. Troll elsewhere, please.

etownthree3211d ago

The Gears 3 one looks better, but that's probably cause I prefer Gears