Playstation Store On PC

Seems like the new PC browsable site is coming soon and the wait won't be long, plus you get a free game for your download to mark the launch and below is the image of the email recieved.

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Killjoy30003990d ago

dude its gonna be so awesome when im away from my ps3 on vacation or something ill and theres a store update or new firmware ill be able to downloade everything directly to my playstation with ease.not to mention my psp

Killjoy30003990d ago

you know what they really need to have?being able to message your buddies directly to their playstations from a computer. that would be awesome.

Darkiewonder3990d ago

Can't tell unless i get the "Email"

gnothe13990d ago

killjoy are you serious. I've been able to message friends on their xbox 360's from my PC since forever!! but yeah i wish there was a web site for the PS3 like MS has set up for the 360. I can see all my friend what games there playing an how long they have been playing an even chat with them(text only) any voice messages must be played on the 360. but sony does need to bring this in a hurry!!

mark093989d ago

he never said you couldnt

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