BF3 - Gameplay Changes to Beta Including Recoil, Post-Launch Projects, and Much More

"Before we begin today’s Battlefield 3 news round-up, I think it’s important to clarify a few things that many Battlefield fans have been wondering about." - MP1st

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TheBeast3218d ago

Recoil, one more step towards realisticly awesomeness!

xtremexx3218d ago

lol some confusion, however everything is pretty much cleared up now :D cant wait for the beta

Mister_V3218d ago

Yeah, DICE seems to be all over the place. As long as they make an AWESOME game!... which they will.

outwar60103218d ago

:( i dont like recoil on my weapons i wish everyone else got it except me lol

Criminal3218d ago

Yeah, let's start a petition for OutWar6010. ;)

outwar60103218d ago

lol that would be epic if you started a petition and they turned off recoil for me alone

Dart893218d ago

If you don't like recoil on your weapons go play cod xDD.

P.S. i know he's joking.

Criminal3218d ago

Specially, in Modern Warfare 2 the ACR is really noob friendly. I was happy to see more recoil in Black Ops.

FAGOL3218d ago

Or you can learn how to burst fire instead of holding down the trigger.

Kyosuke_Sanada3218d ago

Well it's good to see they are taking recoil seriously instead of the aiming circle concept (looks at Socom 4) but please keep smoke launchers as one hit kills in point-blank range.

Criminal3218d ago

I recently started using smoke launchers more in BFBC2, they're really great! I used to run the underbarrel shotgun, but I think the smoke launchers can be more useful.

Convas3218d ago

Yeah, I learned quickly that underbarrel shotguns are pretty useless in most of BFBC2's open environments.

They should work nicely in BF3's Metro map subway areas though ... hehe.

Mister_V3218d ago

The flashlight under-barel attachment seems pretty interesting too. Obviously useless in the day light... which makes me think... they may very well have quite a few night maps. Or more, tight, indoor areas would work too.

Jdub895O3218d ago

lol i was wondering how i kept getting killed by smoke grenades.

FunkMcnasty3218d ago

I'm still not sure how firing in bursts and firing in full-auto yeilds the same recoil and spread?

wouldn't you think that single shots and bursts would be more accurate? (as they were in BC2)

soundslike3218d ago

Read more carefully. He said if you tap fired at THE SAME SPEED as full auto the spread would be the same.

It would be odd if it didn't work that way. Your advantage is that you don't have to shoot the bullets as fast and maintain better control

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The story is too old to be commented.