NPD Defends Integrity of its Video Game Data

As it turns out, the October video game sales data did not include any reporting from Toys R Us. Was this a blow to NPD data's integrity? The NPD Group explains..."This month, NPD did not receive data from Toys R Us for the first time," said Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson. "It appears that mass-market titles on the Wii, DS, and PS2 are underrepresented in the data."

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ReBurn3990d ago

I can't tell you the last time I bought a game at Toys R Us. Are they even still relevant?

jackdoe3990d ago

They still have those buy 2 get 1 free deals. That's the only time I buy a game from Toys R Us.

Danja3990d ago

well I guess alot f parents probably do buy games at Toy R Us....

Dlacy13g3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Last time I checked Toys-R-Us Sold all gaming systems...

PS3 Limps on and on3990d ago

But it's not an excuse for any consoles low sales, it was the same for everyone.

saprano3990d ago

you see thats why i dont really trust these things, so you xbot fanboys could stop saying sonys sales where bad, worldwide sales were not encluded and not even toys"r"us so f off

mboojigga3990d ago

Oh God. Look son. NPD sales are U.S sales only they are not for worldwide sales. Did you know that Walmart isn't included? They have been for awhile. Bottom line is even if TRU was shown this month do you actually believe it would make a difference? Are you trying to imply that if they showed it the numbers would actually put them in 1st place or somthing? YOu know I don't get how this factors for anyone on here or on the internet for that matter to argue about console sales. Software sales is what is showing us who is playing on what. The 360 has more attach rate and games sold on its 1 fu*king system compared to WII and PS2 and PS3 combined. Developers see where to make money at. I find it very odd the 360 had the most units sold for Guitar Hero 3 on 1 single system and outsold all the WII PS2 and PS3 combined(the PS2 has an install base of over a 100mil). This is where it comes down to about the issue with the PS3 Rachet and Clank great looking game(not my taste played the demo too) Only sold 76,000 for the month of October. Everyone keeps saying when the games come we will see systems move. WTF just happend here. We are not looking at next year and the same thing that was said 7 months ago is another repeat and Uncharted might not do that much better. All the games that have came out for the PS3 RC, Heavenly Sword, Lair have all sold poorly and haven't shown any hint of pushing out more system sales. Even in other countries. WHY?

My guess is those PS3 owners are majority Blu-Ray movie watchers. They are not gamers. Think about it and follow me if you can. Blu-Ray outsales HD-DVD all of 07 so far. But why are the games not in the same boat how come non of the games of 2007(except Motorstorm and Resistance) have sold over 1 mil copies. Why is that. Because home theater ethusiast are buying the PS3 just to watch movies because it is the cheaper player to buy on the market. I have a PS3 but I only buy exclusives for the PS3 and everything else on 360 due to Live and the controller. But that is just me. But then again the numbers show me, you, and the developers which system people are buying games on. No fanboy talk here so I can care less who disagrees because there is no need to argue about it. The numbers show it simple as that.

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