IGN - The Dark Souls Review Diary: Part 1

IGN - I already know that reviewing Dark Souls is an experience I'm never, ever going to forget. Putting in 10+ hour daily shifts on huge games isn't an alien concept to most people in my profession – but a game that's this dark, this punishing, this emotionally demanding? And – of course – a game this fist-eatingly, heart-achingly, soul-crushingly difficult? This is a whole other thing. Having spent 12 hours of the last 24 immersing myself in its world, Dark Souls is actually starting to affect my mental health.

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funkycoldmedina3214d ago

Pre-ordered PS3 version and can't wait until it ships to me from NewEgg.

MasterD9193213d ago

Why would that be spam?

He's not saying something along the lines of...

"I just bought 2 nike sneakers and a gucci purse from tes/thisiswhatspamreallyis" ;

THAT would be spam.

UNCyrus3214d ago

The article contains spoilers... read at your own risk.

JohnApocalypse3214d ago

I hope there isn't anything like the dragons on the second level

VileAndVicious3213d ago

You know I didn't find demons souls too terribley hard as long as you didn't just rush in all hung ho. But will be picking this up

Kyosuke_Sanada3213d ago

That's true, Demon Souls really personifies that a little patience goes along way and the stern difficulty is there to beat that into hyperactive players.

MeatAbstract3213d ago

I can't wait to just immerse myself into this game. I book off the Friday for its release so I have an entire weekend of playthrough it and I don't think it'll be nearly enough time.