The Witcher 2 $29.99 on steam today. On from September the 29th to October the 6th.

To celebrate the release of the Witcher 2 version 2.0 CD Projekt slice the price by quite a lot.

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MAJ0R2675d ago

I think I'll probably wait till holiday sales start and get an even better deal

ATi_Elite2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Why? No other RPG is worth playing at the moment and TW2 is oh so good. Just go get it. Come on do it do it now!

I don't see it going under $29 till 2012!

HOSe2675d ago

it retails for only $40.... this will not be the last time you will get this deal

Raider692675d ago

Steam christmas sales will probably have the price even lower.