Ubisoft Update Over Assassin's Creed Freezing Problems

Ubisoft Update Over Assassin's Creed Freezing Problems

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Beren3990d ago

Yes i am in there too and the Ubisoft Forum Manager said:

***update*** we are officially looking into this and hope to have it resolved shortly


sonarus3990d ago

its happened 2 me sumtimes it keeps me in that loading screen and i never load out. I have seen so many bugs. 1 time i was running from guards and next thing i knw the game froze and everyone was stuck IN the floor frm the waist down and their necks stretched up to match the loss in height

MPKC3984d ago

1st Freeze: Leaving kingdom on horseback, preparing to jump
2nd Freeze: Running from guards.
3rd Freeze: Jumped into shack/hideout, it said I was cooling off while 5 guards were outside attacking me (not causing damage), I could not attack or get out.
4th Freeze: Loading screen, let it go for 2 mins jumped in shower after 10 was still loading.

Neurotoxin3990d ago

Yeah mate i`m there as well, Hopefully after the weekend there will be some sort of press release.

ReBurn3990d ago

It hasn't happened to me yet. But if this game ends up being glitchy it's going to take a lot for me to choose another PS3 title over the 360 version.

jackdoe3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

DMC 4 is gonna be fine on the PS3 since that version was the first version to be shown and is continuously being shown. It really does seem like Ubi didn't spend enough resources on this game though if all this crashing and freezing is true. I'd personally try to return the game and call the code defective.

Neurotoxin3990d ago

There are apparently problems with some 360 owners as well mate on the forum game freezes etc etc, but i cannot confirm that as i don`t have one lol. PS3 is very buggy for some though, including me :(.

jackdoe3990d ago

I don't know, just felt that Assassin's Creed was unfinished for both consoles. Both have framerate issues and screen tear issues. A couple of months delay would have benefitted this game.

Bonsai12143990d ago

screen tear means your tv can't match the refresh rate dictated by the game

Neurotoxin3990d ago

I do believe that its actually to do with V-Sync and apparently `improving` framerate. Someone correct me if i`m wrong however.

Dannagar3990d ago

Since you have both systems, just return your PS3 version and exchange it for the Xbox 360 version. It shouldn't be a problem if you tell them the truth.

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Danja3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I haven't experienced no such problems either and i've been playing the game since yesterday..!!

theoneandonly3990d ago

There's hardly any bugs in this game, way to get riled up over absolutely nothing. Few problems with repetitive missions......

No bugs everywhere like they said earlier, its a great game and leave it the **** alone if you've not played it. Its a fun GAME, which in the end has some missions that aren't as good as they could be.

Neurotoxin3990d ago

Unfortunetly there are bugs with the game on both 360 and PS3, some people are affected others are not, the game is not playable if it keeps freezing, I`ve actually stopped playing it until they sort the problems out because i have to turn my PS3 off at the switch to sort it out.

Nobody is bashing the game, from what i`ve played its quite fun but i cannot play it because of the freezing,

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