Firmware v2.01 Coming Soon

Firmware v2.01 is a minor update that will improve the stability of PLAYSTATION 3.

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kewlkat0075130d ago

The SIXAXIS will not turn off my PS3 like it used to.

When you press the PS button your given the option to shut it down but the (X) button stops functioning. I have to wait till it times out or Hard Boot.

I hear of the reset on the back of the Sixaxis but it does not help. Something is wrong.

Anyhow I wonder if it was the 2.00 FW that funked things up?

pukka_p5130d ago (Edited 5130d ago )

You know you should maybe consider the button is NOT broken as most likely!!! It's called diagnostics - look for the most likely solution

So if the button aint broke, and your pad bluetooth aint broke, and your ps3 bluetooth aint broke, then maybe FW 2.0 did something? I'm not saying you're wrong, but installing 2.0 firmware is probably quite low down the list of most likely culprits...

d3l33t5130d ago

Do the lights flash? I have a similar problem in Warhawk, both controllers lock and will not unlock till they timeout. Its an interference problem, or bad programming

kewlkat0075130d ago

it never happened during a game, I usually shut off the ps3 via the PS button on the controller but it stopped working. The reset has not worked so I went to bestbuy and returned it, the new one works fine.

Armyless5130d ago

return the controller to Best Buy. The new one should work just fine.


hOoDnErD5129d ago

My controller were doing the same damn thang..i thought i was crazy but i guess and im glad that im not the only 1 that this is happening to. 2.0 is killing my controllers hahaha

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Gamingisfornerds5130d ago (Edited 5130d ago )

And didn't we just get another update?! Though I guess they're not releasing another update without a good reason.

Edit: Actually, after reading the post above I remembered I did have had an issue with the SISAXIS functionality. For some reason it was 'stuck' on steering to the left and I couldn't get it back to normal untill I gave the controller a good ol' fashion beating. Now it works fine again.

Has anyone else experienced this?

fenderputty5130d ago

I'm mostly stoked on the possibility of DivX compatibility. It's good for anyone having issues too.

ShiftyLookingCow5130d ago

I hope this is one coming with DivX playback

chavafx5130d ago

that they are fixin it

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The story is too old to be commented.