New Forza 4 screenshots

Check out some new screenshots of Forza 4.

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Daz3206d ago

so its ok for other games to do it but not forza look around there is plenty on gameplay videos.

JokesOnYou3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Its OK Daz, Computersaysno just has a bad case of car envy.

He also believes a bubble count is a direct indicator of whether or not each individual contributes valid comments to this site. lol

Forza4 is looking very impressive. Cant wait.

Computersaysno3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Sorry but i just can't stop laughing at what happened and all the disagrees.

This is like when someone says they love their console X and they end up getting a ton of disagrees.

So you disagree that they love it then. You disagree that these are probably photo mode shots and not gameplay?

Sure i admit it was an obvious statement maybe, but it was made absentmindedly. Not with pre-meditated intent to upset people.

I can't even believe anyone would be upset by what i said and react angrily!! It astounds me. It shocks me the sorry and terrible state of this site if someone can't just make a short statement like that without people going apeshit for no apparent reason i can see.

Then we get the likes of JokesOnYou making no sense whatsoever, stirring this up and deciding i have 'car envy' because i said....they are photo mode and not gameplay? You serious?

You do realise that i will buy and play Forza 4 right? You do realise i was in here because i own a 360, play it, own Forza 3 and want to see Forza 4 gameplay shots right?

Not that it should matter...

Dread3206d ago ShowReplies(2)
Computersaysno3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Ha! Hilarious. Despite me simply stating a fact, A FACT about the shots on the page linked to here, i get lots of disagrees and someone acting as if i had just moaned about it and going all defensive. Ummm...why?

Congratulations for being idiots. Top class.

Is this site REALLY this STOOOPID?

One cannot even state a fact without a swarm of complete muppets racing in and getting angry over a completely innocent and FACTUAL statement....

I simply didn't consider these 'screenshots' to be proper screenshots if they are just photo mode renders/shots.

All the disagrees are because you believe....they ARE in gameplay shots? :-)

I am completely and utterly digusted with all the members that believe stating a simple, non inflammatory fact is trolling. Don't be so imbecilic.

If i was a troll, i wouldn't have more bubbles than all of you. ALL OF YOU!!! I never troll here. Use a bit of common sense.

kingdoms3206d ago Show
theonlylolking3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I think we know that this is photo mode.

@ Dread you are trolling even worse than he is.

iamgoatman3206d ago

Thanks captain obvious.

It's rare for a developer these days to release direct feed in-game screenshots before release.

candystop3206d ago

You might not have been trolling but it sure as heck sounds like it.

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Objective3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Breathtaking! Beyond photorealistic!! Reality wishes it could be like Forza 4! Hands down, heads and shoulders above all others, the most beautiful driving game this gen, and that's just stating a FACT!

WayneKerr3206d ago

Every shot of that silly Gt5 has been a screenshot and all u hear is "Teh grafix"

The EDGE3206d ago

opinion... not fact. :/

buddymagoo3206d ago

Any news on Logitech support??? I would be so mega happy over the moon if so.

GodGinrai3206d ago

i been wondering about that too. The fanatec wheel is too pricey imo. cant believe after all this time logitec still dont make a wheel for 360.

As for the pics, they look great...its gonna be an awsome game,but im still mortified about the fact that porche are no longer in the game. hoping porche returns in the form of DLC. RUF are good & all but i want my GT3RS back!