Sony Aiming To Transform PlayStation Home Into A Social Gaming Network

PushSquare: "Sony intends to transform PlayStation Home into "the biggest and best social gaming service on any console", the platform holder has said in a new post on the European arm of the PlayStation Blog. We already know that Sony's got a full reboot for the series in the works, but SCEE's Darren Cairns has given a little more indication as to what we can expect from the service when it relaunches later in the year."

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LOGICWINS3218d ago

Surprised that they haven't created an in-game trophy/rewards system where trophies can be redeemable for virtual Home swag. Seems like the obvious thing to do.

lodossrage3218d ago

They still have trophy hackers all over the place. So doing that idea of yours while it is great, it's not likely. Just imagine how much hacking would go on just for free HOME swag.

LOGICWINS3218d ago

Yeah, its a shame. I hope Sony puts the banhammer on trophy hackers to be honest.

Kewl_Kat3218d ago

I don't see how hackers would be a reason to not have the trophy-Home system to happen. Even right now nothing's stopping hackers from taking Home items. Heck, a few of them already have hacked trophy lists, so does that mean Sony should scrap trophies for everyone? Of course not, and the same goes for the possibility of trophy-Home syncing.

It would also be awesome if, for example, I got a trophy for a certain game, and as a reward, I'll get a psn avatar of that game. Heck, the avatar could be designed in a way that shows what trophy I earned. Same goes for Home shirts, etc. The things Sony can do with Home... so many possibilities.

dgonza403218d ago

that would just make hackers look pathetic lol

play the game and earn the FREE crap.

yesmynameissumo3218d ago

They currently have Home Rewards, which I thought unlocked Home items upon receiving the specific trophy associated with it.

lodossrage3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )


Who said anything about scraping trophies? All I saying is that BECAUSE of the trophy hacking, making trophies a form of "currency" to exchange for HOME items is impossible to do right now.

And actually, the taking HOME items you're talking about was patched and eliminated almost a year ago. And mind you, those were free items and region hop items.

Genghis3218d ago Show
Blaze9293218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Yeah good luck with that. I don't even think Sony themselves really know what they want to do with HOME. It's a joke as it is now. Just my opinion though. Booted it up maybe three times over the span of about two years and never went back. It's just pointless

Karlnag33218d ago

While I agree with you there, right here they're saying they want to make it more like a social network... so I think just maybe (and I'm well aware this is a long shot) what they want to do with it is, make it more like a social network.

NBT913218d ago

It was supposed to be "the biggest and best social gaming service on any console" ever since it launched, so I doubt them saying it is doing much. Action not words, as they say.

Also it already is the best social experience on consoles, because PS3 is the only console that has anything like it, pointless as it may be...

baodeus3218d ago

I think it looks fancy, but not practical.

N3FAR1053218d ago

Anyone know if Home is coming to PS Vita? Surely it would be a no brainer to have it on a portable device.

MilkMan3218d ago

Gave up on this 3 days after I saw it.
This was/is a waste of space, much like Xbox's Game Room.

gamingdroid3218d ago

Yeah, I was excited about Game Room, but should have learned my lesson from PS Home. These social experiences, are really really bad.

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