NHL 12 Best a hockey fan could wish for in 2011 (HookedGamers)

Quinn Levandoski writes:I have no idea why Hockey isn’t more popular than it is here in the States. It has fast movement, decades old rivalries, and some of the biggest hits in sports. Yet, despite this, most people here never watch it. Fortunately for gamers, however, EA Canada has a sweet spot in their hearts for the sport and gives its digital counterpart the AAA treatment. Coming off two consecutive years of fantastic hockey games, it would have been easy for the developer to simply rest on their laurels and hope the fans of the franchise will fork over their cash on reputation alone, but this isn’t the case. While it isn’t revolutionary, NHL 12 does improve on a number of issues that have plagued the series. Overall, this is one titles sports game fans won’t want to miss.

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