"Dear Gaming World, Let Me Kill Your Kids. Love, Maturity" wonders why it's so taboo to kill children in video games.

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WobblyOnion3207d ago

Original Fallout games let you kill kids. That was before the ESRB and PEGI though.

Ognipode3207d ago

They should at least give you the option to shake the shit out of them.

WobblyOnion3207d ago


Baby-shaking simulators? You sick, sick person.

ryhanon3207d ago

haha there was a baby shaking app on the iPhone ever so briefly a couple of years ago ( ).

servetyldz573207d ago

baby-shaking simulators seem to nice idea... just kidding. i have even no idea that there is a taboo about that. it's totally ridiculus.

zerocrossing3207d ago

Well I can kinda see both sides of the argument.

I think the real issue here is where do you draw the line? Once killing kids is ok then its only going to lead to even more gross and inhumane acts of violence, do we really want that? People will start saying things like "Why not put rape in games?" or "lets have the main protagonist torture that guy" It's not like that's worse than killing a kid right? We do need to accept that certain boundaries need to be maintained in order for games to be innovate instead of just using more extreme acts of violence.

That said, if a kid come running at me trying to bite my neck out, I wouldn't think twice about beating their head in with a crowbar, so I think it also has a lot to do with the context of the situation, going to a little kids birthday party and torching everyone with a flamethrower is a little different to, knocking the heads off of ravenous kid zombies trying to eat your "BRRrrAAIIinNNssSS".

Im not going to say we should not kill kids in games, but we should be aware that their must be a limit on just how far games should be aloud to go when it comes to depicting acts of violence.

tiffac0083207d ago

Well said bro. +Bubs for you~

SRTold3207d ago

I miss killing kids in games. Why is it not in more games? Games are not real, why the fuss..

I always loved Fallout 1 & 2, pulling out a minigun and turning some annoying kid into a pile of meal with holes.
Why was this taken away from Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas?

I miss my old fallout 2 titles
(Child Killer)
(Porn Star)
(Pro Boxer)
(Grave Robber)